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sleepI’ve always been a great sleeper.  I could and still can easily sleep from 10pm to 10am.  Now that I’m a parent, I’m still in bed by 10pm, but I don’t have the choice to sleep in until 10am since my alarm clock (child) wakes me up at 7am.


Unfortunately, my son gets it from my wife.  It doesn’t matter when either one of them goes to bed, they are both early risers.  When it was just me and my wife, it didn’t matter since she was quiet in the morning.  But my son is a different story.  He goes from waking up to moving 100 mph and makes a lot of noise doing so.


sleepExperts today recommend that adults should receive between 7-9 hours of sleep every night.  Currently, the average American gets 6.8 hours of sleep at night.  Meanwhile, 59% of of Americans get 7+ hours of sleep at night, while 40% get <7 hours.  In 1942, 84% of Americans got 7+ hours of sleep.  We really have become a sleep-deprived people!


Expectedly, older Americans sleep the most.  67% of adults over the age of 65 reported to a Gallup survey that they sleep 7+ hours every night.  Those getting the least amount of sleep were people earning less than $30,000 annual household income and also adults with children under 18 years old.


A Serious Health Issue

sleepMost people don’t care all that much about sleep.  They figure they can function off of little sleep just fine.  As Dr. Michael Roizen explains, “Sleep is the most underrated health habit.”


“Sleep deprivation negatively impacts our mood, our ability to focus, and our ability to access higher level cognitive functions: the combination of these factors is what we generally refer to as mental performance,” say Drs. Stuart Quan and Russell Sanna, from Harvard Medical School’s Division of Sleep Medicine.


Medical studies have shown that a lack of sleep lead to both health problems and cognitive impairment.  A study completed at Duke University found that poor sleep causes higher stress levels and puts the individual greater at risk of heart disease and diabetes. Interestingly enough, these risks are greater in women than they are in men.


Sleep Interruptions

A recent study by Johns Hopkins researchers (shout out to my alma mater, woo-woo!) shows that there is a huge difference between sleeping longer with interruptions throughout the night versus sleep that is short but uninterrupted.


sleepThe study showed that those people whose sleep had been interrupted reported lower energy levels and reduced positive feelings like sympathy and friendliness compared to people in the short but uninterrupted group.


Interesting, huh?  Reminds me of my interrupted sleep during our son’s newborn stage.  No wonder my energy levels were so low!  Also goes to show that a nap can actually be pretty impactful, if uninterrupted.


So why do you need 8 hours of sleep a day?


sleepWell, for one, a bad mood could hurt your career success.  As you know, your attitude at work goes a long way towards your perception there.  A sour attitude could hurt your chances of scoring your dream job within the company.  But did you know that it cost also affect your overall job satisfaction?


Getting to bed earlier could help your mental health.  With more sleep, you are more able to control your emotions.  Another study found that those who go to bed late experience frequent negative thoughts.


sleepGreater sleep can increase split-second decisions by up to 4%.  This is why they say drowsy drivers can be just as dangerous as drunk drivers.


Of course there are many successful people that don’t require that much sleep.  Between 1-3% of the population falls under the category of “sleepless elite”, who are able to sleep just a few hours a day.


Check out this sleep patterns chart below.  There are a few individuals displayed on it who are a part of the “sleepless elite”.

Courtesy of: Home Arena


Bill Gates once said, “Even though it’s fun to stay up all night, maybe taking a red-eye flight, if I have to be creative I need seven hours. I can give a speech without much sleep, I can do parts of my job that way, but in thinking creatively, I’m not much good without seven hours.”


So since the chances that you are one of the “sleepless elite” are slim and even Bill Gates thinks he needs seven hours of sleep to maximize his creativeness, what can you do to optimize your sleep?


What you should avoid…


  1.  sleepTurn off the blue light


My wife read a study that said the electronic devices emanate a blue light that disrupts sleep.  Whenever I’m on my phone before bed, she screams, “Blue light!!”  But in all seriousness, the TV that was once in our bedroom is now gone in order to remove that blue light source.


  1.  sleepAvoid caffeine and alcohol


Neither of these are big issues for my wife or me.  I gave up caffeine a couple of years ago, and I never developed a taste for alcohol.  Caffeine, as you know, is a stimulant, so drinking it right before bed will probably wake you up, even if you aren’t mindful of it.  I drank a ton of Coke back in the day, and it didn’t matter to me when I drank it.  I could fall asleep two minutes later, but now I realize the caffeine probably did affect me without me knowing it.


  1.  sleepDon’t get too much rest


Have you ever been so tired that you sleep in a bit too long and felt lethargic the rest of the day?  If you’re like me, this has happened one too many times.  Like goldilocks, your body requires a certain amount of sleep that is just right.  Too little or too much can wreak havoc on your body.


  1.  sleepDon’t exercise right before bed


Everyone leads busy lives today, but getting in your workout right before bed can mess with your sleep cycle.  That is due to increasing adrenaline levels, heart rate and body temperature that wake up your body, making it very difficult to fall asleep quickly.


What you should do…


  1. sleepGet on a sleeping schedule


In my 20s, I had a bit of a crazy schedule.  I would wake up at 6 am and be in bed early on the weekdays.  Then, I’d stay up really late on the weekends and sleep in until noon the next day.  Needless to say, I had painful days when my body was begging me to stick so some sort of consistent schedule.  Now that I’m married and have a kiddo, it’s much easier to keep the 10pm to 7am schedule that I’m use to.


  1. sleepKeep a cool room


My mom refuses to believe this, but research shows that 65°F is the perfect temperature to sleep at.  She thinks that 65°F is the equivalent to seeing your breath in the morning.  So, I grew up in a very warm house, and now I’m making up for lost time by turning down my house’s temperature to 63°F at night.


  1.  sleepDrink tart cherry juice concentrate


My wife introduced me into cherry juice when we first were married.  It is suppose to boost melatonin levels naturally.  I was having trouble sleeping due to a lot of stress when I was going back to school for my MBA.  I started to drink a cup before bed and in no time at all I was falling asleep quicker.  It’s also a nice sweet (but healthy) treat to drink before bed!


So readers, what do you think?  Do you get enough sleep?  What are your tips to fall asleep?  Share your thoughts below.

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  1. Interesting that I’m one of only 11% of people who wake up at 4 AM. I find the time from 4 AM until 7 AM (when I have to head to work) to be the most productive. Of course, that also means I’m among the 5% of people in bed by 9:30 PM – earlier most nights – because I can’t function on limited sleep. Kids sure do disturb your sleep when they’re small, but I can tell you from experience that it only lasts a few years. My 13 and 9 year old kids both sleep just fine, and when they wake up early, they let us still sleep in. My one year old – not so much!
    Liz@ChiefMomOfficer recently posted…Fun in a Chinese Walmart – And Pursuing Your Dreams In the Face of Enormous ObstaclesMy Profile

    • Wow 4 am is great. I wish I could wake up at 4 am and function so great. I feel like I am a mess in the morning and it takes me awhile to wake up.

      If my wife had it her way we would be in bed by 9 pm every night. She loves going to sleep early 🙂

  2. Yes, enough sleep is very important for our health. Now, cell phones and tablets control a lot people. More poeple spend more time with entertainment and sleep less. I will increase my sleeping time unless I do not update my blog during nights.

    • I really do wonder how much cell phones and tablets are affecting people’s sleep quality. I wonder if people wake up in the middle night checking email and worrying about the next day. I know I am definitely guilty of that.

  3. My problems are primarily of the kid variety. Our kids seem to favor a 6 am wake up call no matter how hard we try to keep it to 7. The youngest also tends to wake up at least once a night. (Just wait until your little one hits the sleep regression phase). Couple that with me who does his best work at night and prefers a bed time around 11 and it’s a recipe for perennial lack of sleep. Hopefully when they hit 6-7 they’ll both routinely sleep through the night and self entertain until I wake up. At least that’s the hope.
    FullTimeFinance recently posted…Are we in a Stock Market Bubble?My Profile

    • I am not looking forward to the sleep regression phase. We are enjoying this phase where he is finally sleeping through the night. I’m definitely trying to enjoy it as much as possible and not be annoyed by the early wake up calls 🙂

  4. Recently, I’ve been trying to juggle my sleep so this is a very timely article 😉 If I had the choice, I’d go for 7 hours, 10 to 5… though usually, I’m in bed at 10 and don’t fall asleep until 11!!

    Last week, I was feeling very run down and tired. I actually took a brief nap at work… As a result, I decided not to go to the gym for the rest of the week and sleep in until 7:30. After that, I was feeling amazing!
    Erik @ The Mastermind Within recently posted…My Goal to Read 75 Books – February 2017 Check-inMy Profile

    • Thanks for stopping by Erik!!! I wish I could function off of 7 hours. The least I can do is 8 and normally I feel wiped out by Thursday. Maybe I can hit FIRE earlier than expected so I can start to enjoy some more sleep 🙂

  5. I’ve always been someone who had a difficult time falling asleep. My find was always racing, thinking about things that happened during the day or thinking about the future. It wasn’t uncommon for me to lay in bed for 45 minutes to an hour before falling asleep. One of the biggest lifestyle changes I’ve made is cutting out TV during the week. I also try to be off the computer at least an hour prior to going to bed. Now, instead of staying up watching TV, I read. It really helps to shut my mind off and get me ready for bed. I can now fall asleep within a few minutes of climbing into bed. Really has made a huge difference for me.
    Go Finance Yourself! recently posted…Leverage Your Way to More MoneyMy Profile

    • I really need to start incorporating more reading before bed. For that matter I should really try to get into bed by 9 pm so I can unwind for an hour. Unfortunately, I push my limits trying to clean up all the things that I haven’t had time to do throughout the day. I was thinking maybe I should wake up at 6 am and just knock it out 🙂

  6. When I was in school, I thought that I can get comfortable in bed and catch up with my reading at night, but to my surprise, I was too comfortable and usually I can’t stay up longer than 30 minutes after I started reading.

    Now that I have kids, when I read them bedtime stories, it also put me to sleep. It’s also a good way to encourage your kids to love books.
    Leo T. Ly @ isaved5k recently posted…The Final Step To Saving A Million DollarsMy Profile

    • I can’t wait for my son to be old enough and actually sit through reading a book. He has an attention span of a gnat and will bring 10 books to me during a 10 minute span to read. We’ll read for a minute before it’s time for a new book. He’s a busy boy 🙂

  7. I’ve found that I function best with 6 1/2 – 7 hours of sleep. Any more or less than that and I feel sluggish. So assuming less than 6 hours is too little, what is considered to be too much? Just curious.

    • That’s a great question Stafford. I’ll have to see if there is any data around too much sleep and what that looks like. I’m guessing anything more than 10 hours is probably excessive.

  8. I need 8 hours. I’ve had a LOT of trouble with sleep off and on since I was about 38. And I’ve tried many of the sleep hygiene methods. Right now I am falling asleep OK (I do use OTC sleep meds), but I don’t think I’m getting quality sleep for whatever reason. I think my job is pretty stressful and I think of it a lot in my sub conscious. 🙁 I just know bad sleep affects everything in a negative way.
    Tonya@Budget and the Beach recently posted…February Rewind: The Cat is Still Alive!My Profile

    • I’m sorry to hear that you’re not feeling like you get enough rest!!! I have definitely been there before and it wrecks your day and your mood. Stressful jobs can definitely destroy sleep. Hopefully things will ease up in the future 🙂

  9. Well hey there, fellow sleeper! I’m also a fan of ridiculous amounts of sleep. I could honestly sleep 12 hours a day if life didn’t demand less of me. I LOVE sleep.

    Many people swear by “Oh I only get 4 hours of sleep and I feel great,” and that’s good for them. At the end of the day each person’s sleep needs are different, much how our nutritional needs are different. Do what’s right for you. If you’re feeling exhausted, try getting more sleep. If that doesn’t work, adding exercise into your routine can help (it sounds counter-intuitive but it really worked for me).
    Mrs. Picky Pincher recently posted…Updated Easy Homemade Yogurt RecipeMy Profile

    • I glad to see you have an appreciation for sleep like me 🙂 I definitely agree since I started working out I feel like I fall asleep much easier, although I do wake up sorer in the morning 🙂

    • That’s awesome that the walk helped out with your sleep last night. Exercise has been huge at helping me sleep. Last night I worked up from 8-9 pm and passed out at 10 pm with no problem.

  10. Tips for having good sleep…don’t have kids =) I passed out when my 3 1/2 year old went to sleep. Woke up as I had to finish some house chores. Had a bit of a tough time falling back asleep. Just as I fell asleep my 3 1/2 year old comes into the room saying he needs to go potty. After a few more hours of sleep, my younger son wakes up wanting to be fed. My wife took care of that but no luck getting uninterrupted sleep!

    • I wish I could send a picture of my wife right now. It’s 7:40 pm and she is passed out on the floor while the energizier bunny (my son) is running around with a fire truck in his hand. Sounds like my wife and your wife would do a lot of commiserating 🙂

  11. I usually get between 6.5 and 7 hours a night. I get up at 5:30 during the week. Our three kids leave for HS at 6:30 AM so I get up with them to make sure they are all set in the morning.

    My wife and I do not take our phone in our bedroom at night we leave them in the kitchen. We do not have a TV in our room either. When we go to bed, we go to bed. No caffeine after 8 PM and no food after 9 PM, seems to help me sleep well and wake up feeling good too.
    Brian recently posted…The Cost of SeniorsMy Profile

    • Thanks for sharing your routine!!! I definitely need to get in a better habits at night. I am all over the place with eating and drinking and I think that probably causes me to stay up later than I intend a lot of nights.

  12. Sometimes I sleep great, and other times I have long bouts of insomnia. I do drink coffee, but not late at night. I follow most of these, except the regular schedule. That is where I’m terrible. I also try to stop reading or thinking about anything that is too intellectually stimulating at night. This seemed to help a lot with shutting off my mind.
    Primal Prosperity recently posted…Manifesto for a “Free Range Nation”My Profile

    • That’s really smart to stop reading or thinking about too stimulating stuff at night. I definitely have found myself trying to untangle problems at night when I should have been long ago sleeping. I need to figure out how to zone out right before bed and concentrate on sheep jumping over a fence 🙂

  13. Yikes, I’ve been averaging 5-6 hours of sleep this week. I better figure something out! This is great info, Rob. Thanks for sharing. I know sleep is important, but between work, family and trying to start up the blog, I’m lucky to get 5. Haha. I need to figure something out it seems!

    • I definitely remember when I started my blog I had a rush of adrenaline and was always trying to optimize it. There were definitely a couple of nights I pulled all nights and I never did that in college 🙂 I guess it shows you what you’re willing to miss sleep for 🙂

  14. I have a very messed up sleep schedule. It’s usually fluctuating between 3 to 10 hours of sleep a night because when I’m interested in a task, I try to get as much done in a day and then head off to bed. If I’m not interested in what I’m doing, then I would head to bed early and wait for the next day to come.

    But it seems like I should create a schedule that I can adhere to and make a habit to ensure that I am always well-rested for upcoming and new challenges on the horizon.
    Smart Provisions recently posted…The Power of 50,000 MilesMy Profile

    • Wow 3 to 10 hours of sleep is a huge variation!!! I have a feeling that if I stayed up late finishing a task that I would sleep in 8-9 hours, if not more, the next day as a reward 🙂

  15. My sleep schedule is fairly regular, asleep by 10:30pm, up by 6:30am. So a solid 8 hours on average. Unfortunately it’s not often uninterrupted. It’s also rare that I feel fully rested during the day, so I’m clearly doing something wrong. I think stress has something to with it, even if it’s just underlying anxiety. We should do a poll on pre-FIRE and post-FIRE restfulness!

    • Oh man I would definitely love to see how people sleep post-FIRE!!! I have a feeling I’d get less sleep at night and take cat naps during the day if I wasn’t doing something too crazy 🙂

  16. Sleep is one area that I am very ridged in my schedule about. I just function best on a set schedule. All my best works happens after 8 plus hours of sleep. I consider being in bed by 9pm one of my keystone habits.
    Ms. Montana recently posted…Be a Committed QuitterMy Profile

    • I definitely need to get in bed by 9 pm. I definitely would love to wide down by reading a book and relaxing 🙂 I always feel rushed right before I go to bed.

  17. I feel I tend to function best between 6-7 hours of sleep most of the time. In the past few days I’ve been cutting back my caffeine levels dramatically and I’m feeling good. I used to drink 40-60oz of coffee (strong) daily. I’ve since cut back to 20oz and in the past few days have even switched to just putting 2 tablespoons instant coffee in my morning protein shake! We will see how it goes. I haven’t even been really craving the coffee either. The main reason I would drink it was for the coffeemate french vanilla creamer…
    Steven Goodwin recently posted…February 2017 – $104,979.59 – Net Worth Update (+$1,817.24)My Profile

    • That’s awesome Steve!!! When I gave up caffeine it was the best thing that I ever did. I feel MUCH better and my quality of sleep is much much higher 🙂

    • I have been where you are Wes and those first couple of months are all about survival 🙂 The good news is the always out grow it…just not as quickly as we always like!!!

  18. Thanks for this post! I LOVE sleep.

    We have decided to beat our toddler at his own game. He wakes up promptly at 7 am (going to be at 7pm, he gets a full 12 hours). We are so beat by the time we put him to bed that we tuck ourselves in around 8 pm and are asleep by 9, 10 at the latest. We wake up at 0500 and enjoy TWO uninterrupted hours!
    Katy recently posted…Mission to Minimalize | update #2My Profile

    • Wow 2 hours of quietness early in the morning would be amazing. I wish I was an early bird but I have a ton of trouble waking up much before 7 am. But I definitely need to get in the habit of waking up early 🙂

  19. I wish I could get my wife to buy into the research that says 65 degrees is the best temperature for sleep! When I tell people I like to get about 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night, they usually look at me like I’m crazy. I know I feel worse when my sleep schedule is not on rhythm. Nice post!
    Joshua Zirilli, CPA recently posted…5 Simple Steps to Start a Budget TodayMy Profile

    • I got really lucky, my wife bought into it right away and she’s never looked back 🙂 Now she complains when the house is taking too long to cool down from 68 from the day!!!

  20. I just read Adrianna Huffington’s book The Sleep Revolution and I have working more to get at least 7 hours of sleep a night. Unfortunately I’m not a very good sleeper (and a morning person), but I’ve found that prioritizing sleep has helped me at least try to make more of effort to go back to sleep when I wake up early. My biggest problem is waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to fall back asleep. Oddly my efforts at meditating have helped me work to stop by brain from going into overdrive when I do wake up.

    • I definitely find when I wake up at night and start praying for others that taking the focus off of me helps me fall back asleep. Thanks for stopping by and sharing!!!

  21. I function so much better on more sleep but even moreso if I can wake up before everyone else in the house and have a few minutes of quiet. Once upon a time in a parallel universe…

    Realistically speaking the only way I accomplish me stuff is by toughing it out and pushing myself to stay awake late. I have 7 kids. I also tend to exercise after they go to bed because well there are 7 of them {one is conked out over my arm as I’m typing this} exercise before bed definitely wakes me up but I can crash within an hour if I lay down and turn off the screen immediately. I’m working on getting up earlier in the morning instead of staying up later. My kids seem to be working on the same thing at the same time. Funny how that works. Thanks for the follow on Twitter!

    • Thanks for stopping by and sharing Holly!!! 7 kids and running a blog. You must be an incredibly time efficient person if you’re able to handle everything plus exercise. I can’t imagine when you sleep 🙂

  22. Oh man, I need to sleep more – this new position at work is making me come in even earlier than my 6:45am show time. Which means a 5:?? wake time. I’ve been going to bed around 11:30pm and it isn’t doing me any good.

    The thing is that I am such a night owl, I would stay up all night and sleep during the day if I could.

    I’ll have to take your article to heart.
    MrDoublingDollars recently posted…This Place is a Prison! On Planet Bullcrap! In The Galaxy of This Sucks Camel Dung!My Profile

    • Thanks for stopping by and sharing MrDoublingDollars!!! Oh man I definitely couldn’t function off of 5.5 hrs of sleep. I would probably be like George Costanza and sleep underneath my desk if that was the case 🙂 Hope you can get some more sleep or a better schedule!!!

  23. Thanks for sharing the tips!
    Frankly, I’ve never been a good sleeper. I remember having trouble falling asleep since I was a kid. That said, I’ve been improving my sleeping patterns over the last couple years. I think it’s because I’m removed from my 20’s and am an old man in the making now lol. Moreover, I appreciate the sleeping tips because I’ve been doing a lot of these things wrong. Thanks again 🙂
    Graham @ Reverse The Crush recently posted…Financial Goals for 2017My Profile

    • Thanks for stopping by Graham!!! I’m glad that the tips were helpful although I have to admit most of them are from my wife. So I’ll pass along the kudos 🙂

  24. I’ve been trying a new sleeping technique I read about. You close your mouth, put the tip of your tongue on the top of the inside of your mouth, breathe in through your nose, hold it for 4 seconds and breathe out through your mouth for 8 seconds. Repeat 7-8 times and you should fall asleep really quickly. I think it’s been helping me, but I want to keep practicing it.
    SMM recently posted…What’s an Index FundMy Profile

  25. I think I’m still carrying a lot of sleep debt from medical school and residency! Personally I need between 6-8 hours of sleep to function well. Any more or less and I’m super groggy throughout the day.

    We would always get lectures on wellness and the importance of sleep during residency, yet we would have to do 30-hour call shifts every fourth day! Yikes! There are actually studies that show that driving while sleep deprived is akin to driving while intoxicated.
    SomeRandomGuyOnline recently posted…Investing Rate: A Different Take on the Savings RateMy Profile

    • Thanks for sharing SRGO!!! I can’t even imagine doing a 30 hour call shift. That sounds incredibly difficult and at some point that has got to just burn you out. Sounds like you are a much better person than me as I would have probably found an empty bed to sleep in for awhile 🙂

  26. I’m typically on a 7-hour sleep schedule, 10pm to 5am during the week. I get a little more on the weekend, but our dog usually has me up by 6:30am. Mrs. Need2Save needs a solid 9 hours to function at her best.

    Regarding the blue light from your phone/tablet and computer, I use an app called Twilight on our phones and tablets. Based on the time of day, it alters the blue light output from your device. On my computer, I use a program called f.lux that pretty much does the same thing.
    Mr. Need2Save recently posted…Finding The Retirement Money You Think You LostMy Profile

    • Wow thanks for the tip Mr. Need2Save!!! I am sending that over to my wife immediately for her to read. She is always complaining about blue light keeping her up. So this will definitely be helpful 🙂 Thanks as always for stopping by!!!

  27. Ugh, I miss sleeping past six in the morning! Our first kid slept so great after turning a year old, but the second kid is now two and STILL waking up during the night! Add that to our cat who decides to yowl loudly several times each night, and we are not well-rested people. I’m very ready for this sleep phase to be done!
    Mrs. COD recently posted…Frugality Report: FebruaryMy Profile

    • Oh man I’m so sorry to hear about the 2nd kid waking up in the middle of the night. We are fortunate that our son sleeps through the night but I have heard of plenty of parents that struggle getting enough sleep as well. Thanks for stopping by and sharing!!!

  28. Like many commenters, I love to sleep. I function best with 8 hours, but I don’t usually get that much. I’m a night owl by nature with an early morning schedule.

    The interrupted nights (years?) with young children were very difficult for me. I feel for all of you parents of little ones! It’s interesting how the cycles change though. The same children who couldn’t sleep past 5:30 AM now easily sleep until noon in my household. My husband seems to be the only early bird in our family, though I’d like to shift my schedule more that way.

    • I’m with you. I’d love to be an early bird and be way more productive in the morning. Especially since my wife is definitely not a night owl and likes me to go to sleep when she does. So I’m trying 🙂

  29. I’ve always been ok with a “sleepless elite” type schedule. I’ve worked a ton of night shifts and can even enjoy an after-dinner espresso as long as I’m on a schedule. Night shifts are in my past but now I have 5 year old twin boys … all I can say about your boy sleeping until 7am is …


    Our guys wake up every day at 5:30, and go 100mph from the start. I hope this means they’ll be incredibly successful 🙂
    Rich @ pennyandrich.com recently posted…Monthly Money Check: Penny Eats Down Under in February 2017My Profile

    • Oh man I thought 7 am was early but I can’t imagine waking up at 5:30 and then having to take care of a kiddo running around full speed. I definitely need to count my blessings 🙂

    • Thanks for sharingn Suburban Toolbox!!! I knew sleep was good for you but don’t think I realized all the health benefits 🙂 Definitely puts a perspective on how important sleep really is.

    • Oh man!!! That sounds incredible painful MrSLM. I have a friend that had two sets of twin girls. So 4 under 4 years old. I don’t know how they do it. They are amazing!!!

  30. Nice article. I tend to read for a half hour before I go to bed definally helps me go to sleep. Or if dinkle wants a finkel and the wife agrees =) haha. Im with u tho, I think tablets or screens affect the ability to go to sleep faster. Would be nice to get into the pattern of waking up at 5 so i do whatever for 2 hrs before the kid wakes up.

    • I would love to fall asleep earlier and then wake up a couple of hours before work to knock out some of the things on my plate. Instead I normally stay up late to make up causing this sleep cycle.

  31. The blue light is a big deal – even staring at a PC now is hard 🙂 Mustard Love the comparisons of sleep schedules, super interesting Winston Churchill 3-8 whew! . Heard an interesting pod cast on chrono-types with Michael Breus, PHd., you may enjoy. Discussing when you are alligned with your natural circadian rhythm! Am a Bear, and Erik is a Lion!


    • Thanks for sharing Henry!!! I am a dolphin. That doesn’t sound nearly as ferocious as a bear or lion but what he said and what I read definitely makes sense. Thanks for sharing!!!

  32. MSM you tell an effective story with your articles (love it).. I really enjoyed the infographic of the successful people you’ve featured and if I’m honest skimmed the rest of the article..
    Agree with you though that sleep is vital and something that I like to get at least 6 hours of a night, having said this I love a solid 8 or 9 hours where I can

    • Thanks for stopping by and sharing Jef!!! Oh man I definitely could not live off of just 6 hours of sleep. I would go crazy and I’m not sure anyone would want to be around me. If I had it my way I would get between 9 – 10 hours of sleep every night 🙂

  33. Very interesting statistics from all of the successful people! I’ve been getting about 6 hours of sleep over the past year or so (I used to get around 7). However, I also take 2 power naps during the day 🙂

    Sometimes I have a glass of wine or maybe even a little tequila to help me sleep haha
    Andrew recently posted…Investing Strategies When Stocks Are At All Time HighsMy Profile

    • I would love to have 2 power naps during the day. I was actually looking at my new office and wondering if I ever had to pull an all nighter if there was room for a blow up mattress to catch a couple of hours of shut eye.

  34. It’s been years since I last had more than 5 hours of sleep even if I take melatonin supplements! I didn’t know about cherry juice., I’ll definitely try that!

  35. Fantastic article. I just listened to a Freakonomics podcast episode about sleep and its impact on income. Turns out that wealthier people sleep more (even though it may seem like they’re always working). Although I can sleep pretty easily most of the time, I may need to explore that cherry juice you mention — thanks for sharing!

    • Wow I’ll have to check out that podcast. That’s really interesting especially when you read about the Donald Trump’s of the world that sleep 3-4 hours 🙂

  36. Thanks for the article. I usually get 5-6 hours a night because i try to get some exercise in and i check my phone. Need to eliminate both and workout in the morning. Want to get at least 7 hours a night consistently

    • Thanks for sharing Kris!!! Getting sleep along with everything else we need to do can be trying for sure. I have to admit that I have been getting less sleep than normal as I’ve been exercising in the morning. Hopefully I can get back on a better schedule.

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