Spending Wisely on Memories



memoriesMy paternal grandma is turning 95 this November.  She has had tickets to the Washington Redskins since the early 1960s, when she and my Pop Pop moved to the DC area from Brooklyn.  They would go to games every Sunday.  


When my Pop Pop passed away in the early 1990s, my grandma kept the tickets and continued going to the games.  She loved every moment.  Each week during the season, we’d converse about the Redskins game and how we thought they’d do the following week.  She is a diehard Redskins fan through and through.  

Bleeding Burgundy and Gold

memoriesMy love for the Redskins obviously came from her.  I, too, loved going to the games.  The fact that they won two Super Bowls when I was growing up also probably helped grow my love for them.  Still to this day, the Redskins are my #1 sports team, as painful as it is for me to admit this at this point.   


Recently, my grandma and I had lunch together.  She shared that she was going to give the tickets up because she no longer wanted to go to the games.


She indicated that the games weren’t as much fun now that she was older.  Between climbing countless stairs to the deteriorating general atmosphere, she thought that the experience had tanked.  Plus, she can’t stand the current owner, Daniel Snyder, and president, Bruce Allen, of the team.  Since Snyder bought the team in 1999, the Redskins have been one of the worst performing franchises.


So, she asked me if I was interested in purchasing the tickets.


Redskins Football Experience

Honestly, I haven’t been to a Redskins football game since 2004.  The Redskins have an awful stadium experience at FedEx Field, in my opinion.  They built the stadium far from the Metro to maximize parking revenue, they have horribly overpriced concessions, and since the team has stunk for so long, most of the fans sell their tickets to the opposing team.  So it feels like I’m in a visitor in our home stadium.  Oh, I forgot to mention the number of belligerent drunk fans at the games who love a good brawl.  


memoriesThis is all in contrast to the Redskins experience at RFK stadium years ago.  The Redskins were incredible in the 1980s and early 1990s.  The stadium would sway from people jumping up and down and banging on the seats in the stadium.  I remember as a little kid thinking that the stadium was going to collapse at any moment as a result.  Needless to say, it was always a loud, fun atmosphere.  I may have been too young, but I just don’t remember drunk people causing disturbances.  Plus, we could also ride the Metro to and from the stadium, which made it very convenient.


I still remember the highlight each summer was when I found out which game I would attend.  I was the cool kid in school that got to go to the premiere games.  Going to a rivalry game against the Dallas Cowboys always made me a big deal.  I remember kids asking me what it is was like in the stadium and how lucky I was.  I definitely felt like the big man on campus at times.  Those were the days.


Difficult Decision

memoriesSo after reminiscing about those glory days, I was really torn about taking the tickets.  The cost of the two tickets would cost roughly $2,000 a season.  While I can afford it, I wasn’t sure if it would really be worth it.  However, I couldn’t stop thinking about the great memories made when I went with my Dad to the games.  I immediately thought of my son and wondered how I could create similar memories with him.


The rumor is the Redskins will be moving in the next couple of years to a stadium closer to my house that would be much more accessible.  We could easily Metro in and hopefully avoid some of the tailgaters that pregame too hard before the games, although I’m not sure it would help with the belligerent fans.


Making Memories

memoriesEven though my son is young, I’d love to start figuring out a fun memory maker.  While some of the memories of going to the beach with my family over the years have started to fade, I can still remember every Redskins game that I went to.  For that matter, I still remember the section that we sat in.


Over the years, I’ve tried to gravitate away from spending money on material objects and move towards spending money on experiences.  I’ve found that while I enjoy getting a new iPhone, it pales in comparison to my experiences touring the Vatican with my wife.


Experiential Over Material

memoriesA study from San Francisco State University found that most people know that spending money on experiences will make them happier than material items.  But often times, they still choose a new car or new iPhone because they think it’s worth more than the experience in that moment.


“We naturally associate economic value with stuff.  I bought this car, it’s worth $8,000,” study researcher Ryan Howell, associate professor of psychology at the SFSU, said in a statement.  “We have a hard time estimating the economic value we would place on our memories.”


Dr. Thomas Gilovich, a psychology professor at Cornell University said, “We buy things to make us happy, and we succeed.  But only for a while.  New things are exciting to us at first, but then we adapt to them.”


“Our experiences are a bigger part of ourselves than our material goods,” says Gilovich.  “You can really like your material stuff.  You can even think that part of your identity is connected to those things, but nonetheless they remain separate from you.  In contrast, your experiences really are part of you.  We are the sum total of our experiences.”


Gilovich went on to say, “We consume experiences directly with other people.  And after they’re gone, they’re part of the stories that we tell to one another.”


Lasting Memories

memoriesI still remember shortly after my wife and I were married, we traveled to Europe.  It was the first time I had flown outside the Americas, and it was an amazing experience.  My wife and I still reminisce over the pictures from the trip scrolling on our Amazon Fire TV.  I treasure them as they always make me smile.  While I can’t tell you our total spending on that trip, I can tell you that I won’t ever forget it.  


Admittedly, our travels plans have slowed since we have had one child and one on the way in October.  We do hope to ramp up our travel again in the future so that our children can appreciate and enjoy traveling as well.

So readers, have you continued a legacy memory from your childhood?  Would you continue the legacy of the Redskins tickets or would you let it go to spend on something else?  Share your thoughts below.

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  1. My grandparents live 5 blocks from Lambeau Field in Green Bay and my grandpa and dad share season tickets. My grandpa is 76 and has stopped going to the really cold games, but still enjoys the warmer games. He was at the Ice Bowl in 1967!

    The tickets are expensive, and some of the fans are rowdy. I don’t know if I’ll take over the tickets some day…

    My memories from childhood include sports (playing baseball, golf, watching games) with my dad and grandparents and family vacations. I’m joining my dad’s softball team this summer! Should be some good times as many of the people on the team are in their 50’s 🙂
    Erik @ The Mastermind Within recently posted…Vocal Empowerment: Finding My Authentic Self Through Vocal CoachingMy Profile

    • Oh man going to the Ice Bowl is definitely worthy of bragging rights. That sounded like a miserable game to play in let alone to watch. I can definitely understand his love of the Packers 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing Daniel!!! I have definitely thought about the single ticket option. I don’t know why the “bragging rights” of having season tickets helps create the memory for me 🙂

  2. I never got into football, so maybe I’m the wrong person to comment. We did go to local major league baseball games when I was growing up, a family outing with cousins and aunts and uncles one time. Another time dad got tickets through work. Years later with a new (expensive) staduim, I went with a friend, where a beer was $6, & food was as pricey as if we were in a theme park!
    As a kid we also went to many more minor league games, also with cousins, aunts and uncles. My dad did one for his 50th birthday, and because we were in the birthday party we all got ice cream sandwiches and he got to go one the field with the mascot. Tallest birthday kid out there! 😉
    You mention the over priced parking, have you factored that into the cost? Kids will want the over priced soda and hot dog, even if the stadium let’s you bring in a cooler of tuna sandwichs to be frugal.
    If you were thinking of going to x # of games, and reselling some of the tickets to make back some of what you were spending, maybe. Or would it be worth it to go in with someone ? I understand keeping the family seats, in the family. You also mention your next ‘seedling’ showing up in the midst of football season.

    • I was talking to my Dad and he indicated that it was roughly double that she was spending in terms of tickets/parking/food when she was there. So roughly $4k a season. Which is an expensive way to spend 8 Saturdays!!!

      • Wowzer! I can think of a lot of ways to entertain 2 kids for 4k a year…. Lots of free trips to the park, get fancy and do Hershey or Sesame Place as a treat. $4k is a trip to Disney. It’s a nice start to a 529. My local minor league baseball team has actual seats for $12, and bleachers for less, with a no seat section so kids can just run around for I don’t know how much. One of those train rides with the Easter Bunny or Santa or train robbers.
        Again being meh about football…I’m not the best person to ask. 🙂

        • Hahahaha…you are right when you say I can spend $4k more wisely and I’m sure I can think of better ways to blow $4k than sitting in a seat being entertained 🙂

  3. Based on your mixed feelings about their current state I wouldn’t bother with season tickets. If it was something you enjoyed all aspects of then I’d say go for it. Otherwise I’d say just buy a once a year ticket. I do value experience over things. I’ve spent decent money to be near the front at concerts and events once went to the Orange bowl… But only if it’s something I’m confident I’d look back on as a positive experience.
    FullTimeFinance recently posted…How did I manage to pay off $63K in Student Loan DebtMy Profile

    • Thanks for sharing Full Time Finance!!! I am definitely moving more towards experience these days and I’m trying to figure out ways to maximize this. I definitely think that I’d rather go to 8 different events than 8 Sunday football games at the Redskins 🙂

  4. I’d say take ’em. You can always sell them later, and who knows, maybe a new stadium (and a new owner someday?) will change things up. I always try and think in terms of regret: what if you didn’t buy them and then regretted it later. Would it be as easy to get more season tickets? Would they cost more?

    • My biggest worry is that the Redskins get their act together and finally return to their glory days and I’d miss out on all the fun of them winning. It’s been a tough 20 years watching them stink so it’s hard to imagine them returning to glory but that fear is definitely in the back of my head 🙂

  5. I’m a lifelong Redskins fan as well. KEEP
    THE TICKETS. You want to get rid of them because they’ve been so bad for so long. When they finally start winning again, you’ll be happy you kept them.

    • HTTR!!! Happy to see a fellow Redskins fan 🙂 I think I would feel differently about buying the tickets if they locked up Cousins and didn’t fire McCloughan. But Snyder and Allen…ugh. Almost as bad as Snyder and Vinny…

  6. First off, congrats that you are expecting a second kid on the way. Having two kids will definitely consume a lot more of your time, I think you will definitely enjoy these time with the kids.

    I also love football and would love to attend games, but having season tickets are a huge comment. I would rather spend a bit more money to go to the games that I want to attend rather than going to every game.
    Leo T. Ly @ isaved5k.com recently posted…How I Saved An Extra $200,000 By Increasing My DebtMy Profile

    • Thanks for the well wishes Leo!!! We’re definitely looking forward to it 🙂

      I definitely have thought that it might make more sense to spread the money around to a couple of different events rather than just football. Although I do like the bragging rights of saying I have season tickets 🙂

  7. Rob, this one is easy. Buy the tickets from your grandma. Even the Phillies, Red Sox, and Cubs won the World Series in the last 15 years. No team is a loser forever.

    Much more importantly, going to a baseball or football game is a right of passage for fathers and sons. I believe you will regret it if you give them up. If you can’t go (or don’t want to), sell them like everyone else does. But, keep the seats. You can pass them on to your son one day.

    Some of the best memories I have with my father is going to Phillies Opening Day together at the Vet and Citizens Bank Park. It’s truly amazing and something I treasure. Keep the tickets and make the memories. Then, one day, your son can do the same with your grandson.

    By the way, I’m a Cowboys fan! Yes, a Cowboys fan originally from the Philly area. We just can’t get on the same page with our teams! Lol.

    Hope your Easter was great … I know Harper helped it!

    Dave @ Run The Money recently posted…Best Half Marathon PlaylistMy Profile

    • How can you be a Phillies fan and a Cowboys fan? How were you allowed in the Vet? I would have been terrified to wear an opposing teams jersey, especially when they had the jail at the Vet.

  8. I like the idea of making memories that are lasting with my kids. I think one of my big ones is going camping with my dad. This is also something I started with my son last year. For my daughter, we have started to attend the “daddy/daughter dance” that our community puts on every year. She loves it.
    For me personally, I think I would pass on the redskins tickets. Nice post.
    The Magic Bean Counter recently posted…Chocolate Bunnies and Colored Beans (Or Eggs If You Prefer)My Profile

    • Thanks for sharing The Magic Bean Counter!!! I definitely want to create some fun memories with my son. Hopefully as he gets older we’ll find some shared interests. My Dad and I never played a down of football but we still share our love of the Redskins 🙂

  9. I think you should give your son some of the same great memories you had, but you don’t need season tickets for them. Commit to the Cowboys game a couple of times in his youth, and you should get the best of all worlds.

    Plus with the Redskins stinking and a non-Metro-friendly location right now, they’re probably not going to be that many season ticket holders coming over to a new stadium, so you’ve always got the option of ponying up then.
    Paul recently posted…Skip the Training WheelsMy Profile

    • Thanks for sharing Paul!!! I think you’re right that we go to some of the premium games while skipping on the whole season. That way we can potentially go to more fun events than just football 🙂

  10. I love football too, my favorite sport. I have several fond memories of going to games with my dad and brother. My brother had season tickets for a brief period. It can be draining. The commute, cost of parking, food, etc. It’s time consuming to get out to 8 games a season. It basically kills 8 Sundays a year. I like the flexibility of picking up single game tickets. I have also had great times visiting my favorite team on the road. Nothing like a good road trip with friends or family for making memories.
    Brian recently posted…Financial Literacy Interview: Prudence Debt FreeMy Profile

    • Thanks for sharing Brian!!! You’re right, I’m not sure I want to devote 8 Sundays a year to spend all day at a football game. There’s something nice about being at home watching a 3 hour game and then doing something else 🙂

  11. Ugh…Dan Snyder is the worst. Between him and Peter Angelos, the DMV area has had a rough go of it with sports owners. lately. Also, as someone who has metroed to all of the Skins games that I’ve gone to, the location is just awful.

    Normally I would say no on buying season tickets. But buying them from your grandmother adds a twist. That specific purchase would allow you to build new memories while also reliving the old. It’s more of a legacy than buying them outright would normally be. I think I’d buy them.
    Matt @ Optimize Your Life recently posted…How to Triple Your Investment ReturnsMy Profile

    • Thanks for sharing Matt!!! FedEx field is the worst. I went to a Virginia Tech game against Boise State a couple of years ago. Such a miserable experience. I don’t see how people spend every Sunday there.

  12. That’s so cute. 🙂 What a great memory to have! It doesn’t sound like the Redskins would be a great, positive experience for your little one now, though. Why continue the Redskins tradition specifically? Why not start your own? You can even check out other sports teams if sports is what you love. 🙂

    I don’t have kids yet, but I’d love to continue the legacy of good home cooking and baking. I have so, so many fun memories of eating batter and cooking with my mom and grandma. I’d love for my kids to have those memories–if they’re inclined to cook, that is.
    Mrs. Picky Pincher recently posted…What A Frugal Weekend!My Profile

    • Thanks for sharing Mrs. Picky Pincher!!! You’re right what happens if my son hates football but loves golf. Having the flexibility to choose whatever his interests are is definitely a good idea 🙂

  13. I would also probably get the tickets from her. You could try it out for a season and if you don’t enjoy, then you could sell. Heck, you could also sell individual games if you don’t want to go to all 8 home games. Lots of options. Those would be pretty awesome memories for you and your son!
    Mr Defined Sight recently posted…Easter Weekend and the Candy IndustryMy Profile

    • Thanks for sharing Mr. Defined Sight!!! That is definitely a good idea. Try it out see if I like it and if it doesn’t work out. No sweat. If it works out I’ll definitely know down the road 🙂

  14. I’m all for keeping the tickets!

    Even though I’ve been complaining on Twitter about fans selling their tickets to the highest bidder (ie opposing fans), if you aren’t able to go, you should be able to sell your tickets and make some/all of the cost back. And when you want to go, you’ll have tickets without the additional markup. When Washington gets a new stadium, you’ll be among the first in line to get re-seated too. (Most organizations give the current season ticket holders first priority if they pay into the new seat licenses)

    PS I don’t get why you would want to avoid the tailgaters! Ok, if they are belligerent, sure. But we tailgaters are mostly a pretty cool group! 🙂
    Kimberly @ RV Tailgate Life recently posted…Custom Tailgate Signs Perfect for Football SeasonMy Profile

    • Thanks for sharing Kimberly!!! I forgot about the reseating option when they move. That would be huge. I definitely would definitely love the ability to upgrade seats in the future. You got me thinking…

  15. Yeah, I’m tossing the vote with memories/ experiences over buying stuff. Regarding the Skins, I’ve never gone to a game though I’m from the DC area (now 16 years in Israel tho). I have fond memories of watching them winning the Superbowls in the 80’s; somewhere I have a T-shirt and a pin from those glory days. Whatever happened to John Riggins? (And his Rangers)?

    Listen–if you are in doubt, take the tickets. Maximum, if you find after a year or so that you don’t use them / your kid isn’t into football/ etc., you can always sell them, no?
    Gila Halleli Weiss recently posted…Some Useful Definitions–Stakeholders, Inside Directors and Outside (External) DirectorsMy Profile

    • Thanks for sharing Gila!!! I think Riggo is tame now. Definitely doesn’t have the mohawk anymore and is doing a bunch of TV in the DC area. Definitely not the wild man of his youth anymore 🙂

  16. As several have commented, you can still get the memories from a couple games without going for the whole season. I’m a baseball fan, and my memories of the live games I went to as a kid stand out in my mind and heart over 50 years later. But yes, if you have doubts, take the tickets now and sell them later if you change your mind. I’m sure no matter what you decide, you’ll provide lots of memorable experiences with your kids.
    Gary @ Super Saving Tips recently posted…Why Are You Spending More Than You Make?My Profile

    • Thanks for sharing Gary!!! I still remember games from when I was 7 years old. I still remember when Mike Deveraux hit a game winning home run to end the game for the Orioles. I have no idea what happened to him after that but that was an incredible memory for me 🙂

  17. We had season tickets to the Patriots growing up and have some excellent memories of going to the games. Personally, we gave the tickets up and don’t watch football much anymore. I have too many issues with what the league allows and the games have unfortunately gotten too rowdy to be considered a family experience. If the Redskins are still fun for you though, I would totally keep the tickets!

    We try to focus our disposable income on experiences versus stuff as much as possible. So much more valuable for building family bonds and memories and they have the benefit of not cluttering our home!

    Also, congratulations on your second child! Hope your wife is doing well 🙂
    Chelsea @ Mama Fish Saves recently posted…What Happens to Your 529 Plan if Your Child Doesn’t Go to CollegeMy Profile

    • Thanks for stopping by and the well wishes Chelsea!!! I haven’t been to a Redskins game in years due to the rowdiness but I’ve heard the Redskins game day staff have been cleaning things up to eject people quicker. Just not sure if I wanna deal with everything that comes along with it 🙂

  18. re: drunk fans at football games. That usually occurs when there is a weak season ticket base. When there are plenty of tickets available for the games, the team will discount the tickets and it’s those cheap single game tickets that drunk brawlers usually purchase. Another thing I have seen is when you have a team with a lot of success that has fallen on hard times, the season ticket base will stick around for awhile hoping for a turnaround. However, they’ll sell off some or all individual game tickets to recoup their costs. Those tickets are also the ones that drunk brawlers buy.

    When you think about it, a successful team will spur season ticket sales. When your team is winning you want to go to the games. If you are a season ticket holder, you are unlikely to get drunk and start a fight in the stadium. You have to sit with the same people each game and you risk the team cancelling your season tickets without a refund.

    re: Redskins new stadium. I can’t think of a new pro stadium in the past 20 years that didn’t have a PSL (Personal Seat License). These are upfront costs that are separate from the cost of the season tickets. Essentially you have to pay a fee for the privilege of buying season tickets. Usually, existing season ticket holder get a discount or at least first choice of PSL/Season Tickets. If you aren’t willing to pay the PSL, there is no reason to continue getting season tickets at FedEx. Just pick up individual game tickets if you want to go to a game.

    re: NFL. I don’t watch much football anymore. I don’t know why but my enjoyment of the game declined for me. The last time I watched an entire football game on TV was the 1992 Super Bowl (which coincidentally the Redskins won). I think football is on a gradual decline. The issue with brain damage is too much to justify the risk of playing. I have read that parents in wealthier areas do not allow their children to play Pop Warner. They direct them to soccer or basketball. Middle class families will emulate wealthier families.
    Poor families may still push their sons into football as a way out of poverty but it’ll be like boxing which has been dying for the past 40 years. That is the beginning of the end. If you don’t get an early start in Pop Warner, it shrinks the pool of players in high school which in turn shrinks the pool players in college which in turn shrinks the pool of players in the NFL.

    • Thanks as always for stopping by Dan!!! That’s a really interesting analysis that you make about middle class family following the leads of the rich. While my parents weren’t rich they wouldn’t let me play football as they didn’t want my head getting beaten in and I don’t plan to let my kid play football either. For that matter I don’t have a ton of friends that are going to let their kids play football. So that makes sense 🙂

      • Thanks for stopping by Michael!!! The definitely think the sweet science is a great workout. That is unless you’re getting your head bashed in 🙂

  19. I applaud the fact that you want to find some consistent way to make memories with your son. That is certainly a goal worth pursuing. Given your ambivalence towards the stadium and the experience though, it sounds like these tickets may not be the perfect fit.

    My father was brilliant in the area of making memories for us. The way he did it was by making the most mundane things seem like the most crazy adventures. For example, we would be riding back from our weekly grocery shopping on his scooter and he would suddenly veer down some side street we had never been down before and declare that we were going ‘exploring’. We would then spend 30 minutes to an hour ‘lost’ (I don’t know if he was actually lost or just pretending), figuring out our way back home, stopping at any random interesting site that we happened by (a house painted bright pink, a cemetery, a tree that looked ripe for climbing). He created memories out of the everyday, and I salute him for it.
    Mrs. BITA recently posted…The Position of Fuck YouMy Profile

    • Wow your Dad sounds like a ton of fun. I don’t know that I would have been that creative to have thought to get lost. I think about being as efficient with my time as possible but I definitely need to loosen up a bit and get “lost” every once awhile. My sister and brother in law do a good job of this by visiting mundane landmarks and taking pictures. Like the largest pan 🙂

  20. Definitely down with experiences over things. Buy the tickets if you want, but you don’t have to justify it for your son, buy it because you want it.

    If frugality is a concern, there are simpler experiences. Here in Silicon Valley we have the Giants but we also have their minor league farm team the San Jose Giants. Personally I like the minor league games more – more mid-inning entertainment, more errors, and more kid friendly. Not to mention cheaper if not free.

    My fondest bonding memories are with my grandfather teaching me how to fish and taking me all over the state on fishing trips over the years. Much cheaper than season tickets, and for me, much more lasting memories.
    Jack @ Enwealthen recently posted…Money Crashers // Financial Literacy Chronicles, No.17My Profile

    • Thanks for sharing Jack!!! Since Baltimore was the closest MLB team to us, I went to a ton of Prince William Cannon games as a kid. Those were definitely a ton of fun. Plus you could talk to the players sitting in the bullpen. Plus like you said minor league games are fun 🙂

  21. I’m also a life-long Redskin fan who has lived in the DC Metro area my entire life. I still remember the ‘fun bunch’, the Hogs, Theismann and Riggins. The good ol’ days of Redskins football. RFK was an amazing stadium and FedEx field just can’t compare.

    All of that said, I wouldn’t buy the seasons tickets. You can always get single game tickets when it works out for you and your son. I ran into the same problem with drunk fans a few years ago when I took my sons. Coupled with the traffic nightmare getting into and out of the stadium, it’s more enjoyable to watch on TV these days.
    Mr. Need2Save recently posted…Fun Is Important TooMy Profile

    • Thanks for sharing Mr. Need2Save!!! You remember what the RFK days were like so you definitely understand the albatross that FedEx field is. That’s definitely the reason I haven’t been to a game since 2004. Sad but true.

  22. So are you going to buy the tickets? Our son still remembers going to Atlantis Bahamas when he was 2. He’s 4 now and I’m surprised he remembers. Experiences are definally the way to spend money. Our own tradition is to good camping. We go alot but once a yr we go to the same place just the 3 of us and our dog. No season tickets for us, just not practical for me. We took a cruise in the canary islands last yr. Europe is gorgeous!
    Passivecanadianincome recently posted…Happy EasterMy Profile

    • I definitely wouldn’t mind saving the money and applying it to Europe!!! I never went as a kid but I’d definitely love for my son to get the travel bug early on 🙂 Those would be super fun memories!!!

  23. My wife and I have season tickets to my alma mater’s football games. My family has been going since the early 90s and we still have the same tailgate made up of friends that I grew up playing sports with and their parents. I can remember going to games when we first started getting good and all the excitement in the stadium. Some of my favorite childhood memories took place at those games.

    If you’re a true die hard fan, I say go for it! I’m sure your son with love it and make some lasting memories.
    Go Finance Yourself! recently posted…Things We Splurge OnMy Profile

    • Thanks for sharing Go Finance Yourself!!! My wife and I thought about getting season tickets to my alma mater as well at one point. The biggest down side was the 4 hour drive down every Saturday. So we’ve only been down once since then which is why I kicked around the Redskins which are closer. Even though I prefer my alma mater’s football experience 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing SRGO!!! There is definitely something to be said about cheering with the crowd and the electricity in the atmosphere 🙂 Plus my wife loves live sports events and hates watching them on TV.

  24. Great Post! My father-in-law actually has season tickets to the NY Jets (probably just as bad as the redskins) and he has had them for 30 years. He and my husband go to every home game and when there is an extra ticket or 2 I go along as well. While the tickets are expensive, even for a team that stinks and like you said, the concession are way overpriced, the experience is still worth it. Plus I can see how much it means to my husband when we are at the games, he really gets into it. I really like the fact that you would invest in the tickets to create memories with your son. My husband and father-in-law always talk about the games (sometimes the tailgates more than the games) they went to when my husband was younger and it really is true that going to the games created lasting memories for them. We are also big supporters of experiences of material things, so i say go for it!
    Courtney @ Your Average Dough recently posted…4 Investing Tips For BeginnersMy Profile

    • Thanks for sharing Courtney!!! Jets fans are some of the most loyal fans in the country!!! I can see how going to those games would be super fun for your husband and father in law. I feel like Jets fans would boo any opposing team fans if they showed up which is definitely different than the Redskins stadium experience.

  25. I struggle with this one a lot. I often question my decisions on saving money versus having experiences. I have a good friend who has Giants season tickets. Or should i say, his family has them. They take turns going to the games. I’m wondering if you should take the tickets and then see if you can sell some of them to minimize the overall cost. Having said that. As a northern Virginia person myself, sometimes that stadium is pretty empty on Sunday and giving those tickets away could be hard.
    ReachingTheCrest recently posted…Why You Should Stop Working Out and Start TrainingMy Profile

    • That’s what I’m most worried about. That I wouldn’t be able to recoup my costs if I didn’t want to go one Sunday. The tickets aren’t exactly the hottest commodity at times.

  26. Hi MSM,

    It’s great to hear that you have some really good memories of the games, although a shame that the drunk fans seem to be ruining it now (although a little bit of relief that this isn’t just a UK issue with football here!).

    Whilst we are not having kids, from my experience, it is the memories that will last – I dont think it really maters if it is through the games or travel, or maybe something else. I will always have my parents in my memories as I think back to the places I traveled to with them.
    The most important thing – make sure it is more than just “stuff” like the iPhone or whatever next big thing it is, it isn’t just watching TV or throwing / kicking a ball in the back garden.
    All the best,
    FIREin’ London recently posted…Discussions in the pubMy Profile

    • I’ve heard UK football matches can be rowdy!!! I’d love to go to one for the experience of cheering along and singing some of songs 🙂 That would definitely be an experience I wouldn’t forget!!!

  27. That’s awesome that your grandma at 95 is just now considering selling her tickets. She hung in there a LONG time!! I can only imagine the changes she has seen in her may years and can’t blame her for throwing in the towel – nothing is what it once be….some for the better, others for the worse. I totally understand the warm and fuzzies your childhood memories of those games give you…experiences are always worth more than “things”. On the other hand, it is certain you could start new traditions with your own kids going to games even if it isn’t with the use of season tickets. Had the stadium been the same throughout the years I might feel differently to be able to sit in the very same seat your grandma and Pop Pop once sat. But that’s me…sentimental to a fault! I’d be interested to hear what you decide. 🙂
    Miss Mazuma recently posted…That Says a Lot About You.My Profile

    • Thanks for stopping by Miss Mazuma!!! Oh man if I could have the seats where Pop Pop and my grandma sit all the those years it’d be a no brainer. For that matter, I’d buy those seats out of RFK right now if they’d allow me to 🙂 I will definitely share what I intend to do in the future.

  28. I don’t know why Fed Ex field is where it is. Since I live in Maryland, I know that area and know there isn’t much to do in Landover. They’d be so better off to have it where the Nationals play. In comparison with the Ravens stadium which is right off 395 in Downtown Baltimore where all the restaurants and bars are (great location).
    SMM recently posted…Simple Fund Analysis – DVYMy Profile

    • When I went to Johns Hopkins I use to pass by Camden Yards and the Ravens stadium. That is a beautiful area and they did it up right. FedEx field is such a terrible experience all around and the owner is biding his time until he can leave.

  29. that’s a tough decision (especially with the addition of being the Redskins). its more that the season tickets are tied to your grandfather’s memory. And your grandmother having them. It would be like a passing to you and eventually a couple paired outing with your son. $2K a season is a lot of money. Have you explored any other ways to honor the memory? A shadow box with a pair of tickets and photos; maybe attending a game or two, but not all. I wish you the best in making the decision.

    • Thanks for stopping by The One In Debt!!! Those are some great ideas and definitely something I could look into. I’m sure Pinterest could teach me how to do it 🙂

  30. It could be worse, you could be a Detroit Lions fan haha jk, but those fans are diehards. Memories are made from time, not money. While money helps to do fun things, the kids will remember the time they spend with you. And there are all sorts of alternatives that don’t cost as much. Camping comes to mind. The story could be “Remember the time we went camping and made that legendary bonfire and Dad and I stayed up till 2am accidentally burning marshmallows”. Good times. Or even throwing around a baseball or football in the front yard or doing anything active with the kids. Those are the memories they will cherish as they get older. As long as your allotting time spent with your children you can’t lose.
    Dividend Daze recently posted…Recent Buy – Cardinal Health (CAH)My Profile

    • Oh man I am glad I’m not a Lions fan 🙂 They have had some rough years plus Matt Millen, yikes!!!

      I definitely agree spending time is they key and I definitely want to do that as much as possible 🙂

  31. Creating lasting memories is high on my list.

    A few weeks back, I took a day off from work to take my godchild to an adventure parc. That took a big bite out of my fun money for the month, and it was all worth it.

    Life without memories is dull. I prefer to work & year longer to have great memories afterwards
    Amber tree recently posted…2 cars is frugalMy Profile

    • Thanks for sharing Amber tree!!! I definitely remember going with my family to adventure parks as a kiddo. It was definitely a memorable experience, although the last time we went my parents both got sick on the rides, so I believe that was the last time we ever went 🙁

  32. We’re 100% behind using money to create memories. That’s the whole reason it exists. Sometimes those memories can be as basic as a well-maintained roof over your head for many years. Other times, you might have the capital to do something special.

    For sports, we prefer the “one big event” approach over a season long slog. Going to see a team over and over has its benefits but can also be an exercise in marginal utility. If you take 50% of what you’d spend on season tickets and the frictional costs of being a sports fan in-person, you can go to one game you’d really like to see and get fantastic seats, maybe even a playoff game. Consider a sweet hotel, and take a limo in if you’re feeling super fancy. “Remember that game?! Holy crap we did it right that night!!” is so much more powerful than “Remember that long and dreadful 6-10 season and those times we got beer spilled on us in the nosebleeds?”
    Master Duke recently posted…As $RGR blasts passed $60/share, we revisit our February Ruger analysesMy Profile

    • Thanks for sharing Master Duke!!! I am definitely leaning towards the one big game and having a couple of “big games” throughout the year in different sports/events. I think I would definitely enjoy creating those memories with my son!!! Thanks for stopping and sharing 🙂

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