Guest Interview over at Debt Discipline

Today, please read a guest interview featured on Debt Discipline.  Below is a snippet, but please click on over to read the entire interview.



Who is Rob?


I am a husband to an amazing wife, father to a fun-loving son, and follow of Christ.  Simply put, I am passionate about personal finance.


Why did you start your blog?


For years, I have been reading finance blogs and thought “Do I really have anything to add?”  So I put it off for years, but my dream has always been to share my passion for personal finance.  I was/am somewhat unfulfilled at work.  So I figured that blogging to share my thoughts would be agreat creative outlet.  I was terrified when I began, but I finally took the plunge in August of 2016 after my wife took charge and bought the domain name and helped me set up the website.


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Mustard Seed Money

Welcome to the website. A mustard seed is a very small seed but astonishingly grows very large over time. My hope is that through your financial journey that your small investment in time, money and faith will grow beyond anything that you could ever imagine.


    • Thanks Mrs. Picky Pincher!!! My grandma and grandpa have/had season tickets to the Redskins. So I grew up going to the games. Plus the Redskins won a couple of Super Bowls when I was young . So I was hooked.

  1. I’m just now getting around to reading your interview, Rob. I really enjoyed learning more about you. Your savings rate is super impressive! I also laughed about your son having expensive taste in food. Our 3-year-old is in the same boat. With two boys, I am super scared for the teenage years. I know how much I ate when I was a teenager. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts since discovering your blog. Keep ‘em coming, Sir.

    • Thanks for the positive words Cody!!! My son ate all my scallops last night. I basically ate noodles as he pounded through his 2nd dinner. Needless to say I told my wife we need to buy more scallops next time 🙂

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