How Much Do You Spend On Furniture?



buyer's remorse furnitureWhen I first moved into my house in 2004, I was the definition of house poor.  I had the bare necessities in terms of furniture.  Living in a home full of guys, we even discussed turning the dining room into a billiards room.  Needless to say, formal dining was not on the forefront of their minds.  But the traditionalist in me still wanted a nice cherry table for that room.  Thankfully I won that debate.


Spending as Little as Possible

I did not, however, spend a lot of money sprucing the place up with nice furniture.  Instead of creating accent walls and painting rooms in bold colors, I kept all the walls neutral.  I personally liked the crispness of the white walls.  The bold statement paint colors seemed like a fad to me.  Plus, I hated painting, so leaving the walls neutral was a win/win decision for me at the time.  I knew someone who had to paint over a red wall with 9 coats in order to get rid of the red hue.  Talk about burdensome!


Taking Handouts

furnitureSince I was house poor and had quite a few empty white rooms, I was willing to take just about anything that would fill up the rooms for free.  


I gladly accepted my grandmother’s very old, worn sofas.  I also accepted old TVs and really anything else someone offered me.  If I’m being honest, I didn’t even have an HD TV until 2012, and even then, my wife won it in a contest.


Now I don’t want to give the impression that I was living in Animal House.  As my income rose and some of the furniture became more worn, I started to swap things out.  But it definitely took me years to fully furnish the place.


furnitureI mainly utilized Craigslist to fill up the house with some dining room furniture, a bed set (don’t worry– not including the mattress), and a pool table.  


My mom also helped me out by putting up some window treatments and artificial house plants.  It gave it a bit more of an interior design touch.  However, some of my rugged furniture starkly contrasted my mom’s efforts.  At that point, I elected for function and comfort over looks and price.


My Final Housemate

furnitureWhen my wife moved into our home after we got married, my house had accumulated quite a bit over the previous 8 years.  So many housemates had come and gone, and many had left bits and pieces over the years.  From furniture to kitchenware to video games, I had an eclectic collection of items.


My wife hadn’t really commented on my assortment of random stuff.  Although, early into our dating relationship, my wife never seemed to want to sit on my couches.  Eventually, she would actually sit on the couch, but only if she had a towel or blanket to sit on as a buffer.  I didn’t understand why until she pointed out the cloud of dust that would rise every time we sat down.  


Somehow I managed to miss that detail over the years, but my wife noticed immediately.  The couches were gross.  I think we can all agree on that at this point.  While they may have been a bit nasty, they were ultra comfortable.  They were big and plush, and I could sleep on them all day.  So I wasn’t willing to give them up until my wife moved in.  We did agree though that she could have free reign once we were married.


She quickly decided that all the grimy couches had to go, along with the bulky CRT TVs, a couple of mattresses that the roommates had piled up and left over the years in a basement corner, and other random pieces of junk.


Out with the Old, In with the New

furnitureWe filled up a huge U-Haul truck and headed to the county dump.  We didn’t even bother to list them for free on Craigslist since their conditions were so poor.  All in all, I spent around $100 for the truck and then paid the dump $40 to dispose of everything.  The county weighed all our stuff at a whopping 2 tons.


My wife was thrilled to start making some subtle changes to the home.  We still used Craigslist to find big-ticket furniture pieces.  But she frequented stores like Home Goods quite often to revamp the kitchenware and for other accent pieces.


She seemed content with the furniture and such at first.  But she has been dropping subtle hints over the last few weeks in regards to buying new furniture and not utilizing Craigslist.


On a recent walk, she informed me that most of our furniture and decor were out of style and that it was time for an update.  We have a bunch of area rugs that I bought back in 2004 from Home Depot.  Her biggest issue with them is every time she vacuums, the vacuum canister still fills with red residue from the carpets, after all these years.  She also doesn’t like that their material is polypropylene, or fake wool.  She has casually looked at new rugs but always hesitates at the price tag of a large quality rug.   


How Much?

furnitureI went on Houzz to get a feel for how much people spend on rooms in the house.  Let me just say that it was eye-opening.  I read that most interior designers quote around $10,000 – $15,000 per room between furniture, rug, drapery, etc.  I honestly can’t imagine spending close to that.  Maybe I’m just cheap.  I’ve just gotten so use to Craigslist-type prices over the years.  I might be out of touch with reality.


Downside of Craigslist

furnitureAlthough, as I am getting older, the Craigslist thing isn’t as convenient as it once was.  Between renting a truck and recruiting friends to help with heavy lifting, it isn’t as easy to track down people with the incentive of pizza and beer.  In fact, the last time I convinced a friend to help me move a sofa, I thanked him with a filet mignon (my specialty on the grill).  Still though, hauling a couch down a couple of flights of stairs and then into and out of a truck is not as easy as it once was.  


On top of that, I’ve noticed that there has been an influx of lower-end furniture on the site, but rarely do I see designer furniture pieces featured on Craigslist these days.  The selection has definitely deteriorated.


Trying to Sway Her

furnitureWith all of this said, I am trying to convince my wife to hold off on buying new furniture until we move.  Her argument is that new furniture would really help the house show well to potential buyers. But from what I have gathered, decluttering a home and proper lighting are two important and inexpensive ways to amplify a space.  Staging doesn’t have to mean pouring in lots of money.


Plus, my rebuttal is: what if we buy new furniture for our current home, and it doesn’t fit into our new home?  I am hoping I win this argument, for our wallet’s sake!  I’m not ready to shell out $10,000, or anywhere close to that, per room.


So readers, how much do you spend on furnishing a room?  Do you think new furniture is necessary to properly stage a house?  Share your thoughts below.

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  1. When I first moved on my own, I gladly accepted my parent’s old furniture as well 🙂

    Ever since living abroad though, we rent, and the apartments came fully furnished. We barely spent a couple hundreds on small items.

    I didn’t sell my old apartment, so I really don’t know what to say, However, if I were to buy a new place, I’d probably want to furnish it according to my own preferences.

    On the other hand, many lack such ‘vision’ (I do too, but I’m aware an empty house has potential).

    Staging a house for selling isn’t a bad idea, so maybe you could compromise and keep furnishing costs to a minimum? 🙂
    Adriana @MoneyJourney recently posted…5 money saving “tips” that don’t workMy Profile

  2. Furniture is definitely pricey! One great option, if you have one in your area, is Habitat for Humanity’s Re-Store. Basically a thrift store for furniture, hardware and home re-modelling. Apparently when people get the urge to remodel, they tear out perfectly good stuff and donate it there.
    Daniel Palmer recently posted…You Need To Define Your DreamsMy Profile

  3. We approached furnishing our house very much like you. Then we had five kids. They can be pretty hard on furniture so we’ve been buying simple well made pieces as our older stuff deteriorates. I haven’t added it up but there is no way we are spending five figures in every room.
    As the kids get older, we try to buy a high quality piece of furniture as others wear out that will hopefully withstand some time.

    Tom @ HIP
    High Income Parents recently posted…Do Parents Need a Revocable Living Trust?My Profile

    • Thanks for sharing Tom!!! Unfortunately we have been replacing it with poor quality, so clearly we need to reverse this trend and fast. Otherwise we won’t have anything to sit on in the future 🙂

  4. Most of my home is furnished from Craigslist over twelve years. It takes patience and years to find good things that fit your aesthetic. A lot of people don’t have the patience. I think it’s also easier in bigger metro areas. Even then, some pieces I’ve bought via Craigslist have disappointed; functional flaws that weren’t apparent. Some I’m very happy with. I got to a stopping point four years ago, so don’t know if, as you mentioned, available quality has gone down.

    • Thanks for sharing Sarah!!! I definitely think Craigslist has gone down a little bit. I feel like at one point everyone was using it but that may just be my perception. I’m sure there are some really great things still out there but maybe I’m not looking for it.

  5. With the exception of a TV we bought a few years ago, mattresses, and couches everything we have is hand me down furniture. Much of it came from when my wife’s grand mother passed away. For wood furniture they often don’t make it like they use too, which means many of these 100 year old antiques would cost a fortune to replace with new stuff. I’d imagine you can find similar quality wood stuff on Craig’s list since it seems most people these days have to have the latest styles.
    FullTimeFinance recently posted…Avoid the ExtremesMy Profile

    • Thanks for sharing Full Time Finance!!! My grandmother gave me a couch and holy smokes was that thing heavy. Definitely really durable wood and super comfortable. Too bad my wife hated it 🙁

  6. I’m not sure what we would spend on a room. The only things we have purchased since getting married was two night stands, a headboard, and a regretfully expensive kitchen table.
    We have all hand me down furniture from my parents and grandparents. It’s really nice stuff but definitely random looking. Much cleaner than Craigslist 😉

    I would suggest getting rid of the future you know you don’t want and then using real estate agent’s staging furniture to fill the gap.

    Ps I can stop to help move. A filet mignon sounds delicious!

    • That’s great advice!!! We should definitely figure out what pieces we don’t want to bring to a new house so that we can stage our house when it’s time to sell. Thanks for the advice.

  7. Haha I can totally relate in the couch dust situation. I notice every little detail and can sense even the slightest smell in a room while Mr. FAF hardly notices anything.

    We got a lot of used furniture from our friends and the dumpster. We spent around $3,000 on some new furniture after we bough out first house since Mr. FAF insisted we need to spend a bit on our first home. I wish we hadn’t. But I have to admit that window shopping for furniture was kind of fun. 😀
    Ms. Frugal Asian Finance recently posted…5 Frugal Wins & 2 Frugal Fails – June 23My Profile

    • My wife is loving the window shopping right now. I always ask her where she would put it and it’s always the same answer. Oh we’ll figure it out once it’s in the house. Hahhaa…it doesn’t usually work that way 🙂

  8. Definitely not interior designer prices!

    We will spend on furniture that relates to comfort (couches, chairs, mattresses) and our days of free or cheap Craigslist furniture is behind us – used to do it all the time, but I am over being second owner.

    For decorations we keep it pretty simple, make some of our own, lots of family pictures and re-purposing.

    • Thanks for sharing Apathy Ends!!! I am getting to the point where I no longer want to deal with 2nd hand furniture either. I’m getting to the point where I want the delivery guys to show up and not have to deal with the hassle of moving 🙂

  9. Our first townhome started off with hand-me-down furniture from my sister. We didn’t have anything in the living room for over a year until we saved up enough to get a basic couch.

    Since then we have definitely accumulated more furniture as our homes have gotten bigger (as they say, you feel the need to fill the space). That said, I don’t think we’ve ever spent more than $10,000 to furnish a single room.

    Our kids have already claimed some furniture pieces for when they move out. It will be interesting to see how much we can sell, convey with the house, or donate when the time comes to downsize.
    Mr. Need2Save recently posted…Establishing A Fiscal PartnershipMy Profile

    • Thanks for sharing!!! I don’t remember asking my parents for any specific furniture and my wife didn’t either. That’s really cool that your children want specific pieces of furniture.

  10. We recently replaced our old hand-me-down sofa…with a newer old hand-me-down sofa. We live in a place that is too small for a family, so when we expand we will need to move again. I have also used the argument that we might as well wait until we move to buy new furniture. Doesn’t make a lot of sense to buy all sorts of new stuff and then have to go through the time/effort/cost of moving it anyway.
    Matt @ Optimize Your Life recently posted…Hard Work Doesn’t Pay (Why I Save So Much, Part 2)My Profile

    • We are definitely on the same wave length. Why spend money that you don’t have to. I feel like I see too many people on Craigslist selling thing because it won’t fit in their new apt. I’d rather wait until I can find a house that can house everything.

  11. “But from what I have gathered, decluttering a home and proper lighting are two important and inexpensive ways to amplify a space. Staging doesn’t have to mean pouring in lots of money.”

    Bingo! That was the most important thing for us when we sold our house last a year ago. We did spend money on fresh paint and drywall over wood paneling. Anything that made things look superficially better. It was a lot of hard work for Mrs. Freaky Frugal and me.
    Mr. Freaky Frugal recently posted…Freaky Frugal or Stupid Frugal?My Profile

    • Thanks for sharing Mr. Freaky Friday. I sometimes wonder how much potential buyers think about their furniture moving in vs. the furniture already in there. For the most part I don’t notice but clearly staging homes is a big deal but I would much rather spend money on upgrading the home instead of staging furniture 🙂

  12. Our furniture is definitely a mix of quality and price. Our bedroom set was an expensive, real wood set from Ethan Allen – which I only rationalized as my mom has had a similar bedroom set from them for 30 years and it still looks gorgeous. Our living room couch is from Bob’s Discount Furniture, and we bought it on sale assuming we would want something clean and new with a new baby coming, but nothing so expensive we would be upset if we had to replace it after toddler years. Pretty much everything else is Ikea or hand me downs. I can’t imagine spending $10-$15k on one room!!!
    Chelsea @ Mama Fish Saves recently posted…Why Tough Summer Jobs Beat Summer School for TeensMy Profile

    • Thanks for sharing Chelsea!!! I can’t imagine spending that type of money either. It looks like from a little more research that I did that the average person spends $500 a year on furniture so clearly that number is inflated.

  13. Haha! Our stories are pretty similar. Once I got married I was informed that all of my awesome furniture was on the way out. I still miss that green leather recliner. So comfy. Only thing I got to keep was my coffee table which also happened to be a rolling cooler with cup holders on top 🙂

    She actually sold all of my crap for about $200 on craigslist. I told her it wasn’t worth it and no one would buy that stuff but I was wrong.

    There is no way I would invest that kind of money on staging. I agree with de-cluttering and possibly having professional photos taken. What works in one house will almost certainly not work as well in another house.
    Grant @ Life Prep Couple recently posted…Never Finance: Always Pay Cash For CarsMy Profile

  14. If you are selling your property, ask your listing agent if they also provide staging service. It may cost you a bit more commission, but you won’t have to buy the furniture and decorations.

    I also moved from a smaller hose to a bigger house five years ago and I would definitely say that purchasing furniture to stage the current house for selling is not a good idea. I would agree that de-cluttering your house is a great idea.
    Leo T. Ly @ recently posted…Who’s The Real Leo T. Ly?My Profile

  15. We purchased two expensive furniture pieces: a leather sectional couch and our bed. Otherwise, our style could be described as “eclectic,” and I’m both proud and ashamed that some of our bedroom accessories came from my childhood bedroom.

    Even though Ikea furniture has a self-destruct mechanism lasting about 8 years, we have purchased a few items of theirs over the years. You can’t beat their prices, and they make good meatballs as well.
    Dr. Curious recently posted…Show Me the Money: My Retirement Drawdown PlanMy Profile

    • Thanks for sharing Dr. Curious!!! You know what’s crazy I have never bought anything from IKEA. The closest one is almost an hour away so it’s not super convenient for me but I’ve heard people that really enjoy it 🙂

  16. Oh wow, $10-15K per room?!? I don’t think we spent anywhere near that on furnishing an entire house!!! Mr. Adventure Rich and I try to keep it simple and find the bargains (Craigslist, freebies, and estate sales). With a 2 year old and any other kiddos that may come along, I would rather have pre-scratched or “well-loved” furniture that I’m not stressed over/overly worried about.
    Mrs. Adventure Rich recently posted…I Don’t Grocery Shop AnymoreMy Profile

    • Thanks for sharing Mrs. Adventure Rich!!! I’m in the same boat. I definitely don’t want to worry messing up new furniture. I’d much rather have some furniture that I didn’t mind getting beat up, especially with little kids 🙂

  17. I’ve lived with mostly second hand stuff, but sometimes you need to draw the line somewhere. When I moved in with my future husband, he had purchased the home from his mom who was still living there, and honestly, I couldn’t stand her old furniture. It took awhile, but I was able to update our sofa, coffee table and a few other things on a budget. I’m all for using second hand stuff, but its just not a healthy environment to be living with dusty or dust mite filled sofas, mattresses etc. I would wait to buy new furniture until you’re in your new space, that makes sense.
    Sharon recently posted…How Much Do You Spend On Furniture?My Profile

    • Thanks for sharing Sharon!!! My wife has been a trooper and is definitely ready to move and put more of her own touches on the new home. Now we just need to find a new place 🙂

  18. I barely spend anything. I have hand-me-downs that are in decent condition or low-cost furniture or stuff I bought second hand like you. My mattress is the only thing I spent more money on. I agree with you regarding waiting to buy furniture. You can always have a home stager rent furniture or some pieces to spruce up the home to make it more presentable, but you have no idea what your new space will feel or look like.
    Tonya@Budget and the Beach recently posted…I Pledge Allegiance to FrugalityMy Profile

    • Thanks for sharing Tonya!!! We bought a Casper Mattress last year b/c our old mattress was sinking in the middle. Although at times I wish we looked around a bit more b/c there are a ton of other choices these days. Oh well…maybe in a couple of years we’ll look again.

    • It took me awhile to convince my wife to throw out a couch. It was awful over time and like you said why sit on something uncomfortable. Life is too short 🙂

  19. Furniture is one of the biggest rackets around. We’ve managed to fit out our house fairly cheaply over the years (and we’ve kept most rooms the neutral off-white it was when we bought – I’m with you on painting), but it requires being patient and opportunistic. I am floored by how much people spend, esp. when they have huge houses – it’s bad enough to pay for more house than you need, but it’s ridiculous to then fill each room with high end stuff you’ll never use.

    Re: staging. I think you need about 1/2 as much furniture for staging as you would for normal life. Also, while this may not be an option for your situation, there are companies that professionally stage with perfect high-end stuff – it can be pricey, but is much cheaper than buying new stuff that you then torture with a move. Good luck!
    Paul recently posted…The Case for DIYMy Profile

    • Thanks for sharing Paul!!! I definitely agree that we need to de-clutter and probably need 1/2 to a 1/3 of what we need. It will definitely open up that house and make it feel like a ton more space 🙂

  20. We’re definitely on the used-furniture track! Our only new items have come from Big Lots, which is pretty cheap. We didn’t get nice furniture to stage our house and just decluttered as much as possible (and it sold in about five weeks). Now that we’re in a new home, we still are using older stuff because, hello, two toddlers in the house! We don’t want too nice of furniture until they are a bit older and can stop spilling constantly. We’ll be checking our ReStore for lower prices and looking at yard sales in the upscale neighborhoods! Good luck in your house search and furniture decisions!

  21. We recently spent a good amount of money for nice, comfortable furniture in our living room. In January, we moved out of our townhome and into a single family home. I’ve built some of our furniture, but we purchased couches. The old couches we moved into the basement, so we saved some money there.
    The Grounded Engineer recently posted…2017 mid-year goal check inMy Profile

    • Thanks for sharing!!! That’s awesome that you built some of your own furniture. That’s really neat. I definitely wouldn’t mind trying to do that.

    • Thanks for sharing Barnaby!!! I am definitely looking forward to the day when we decide what goes and what goes to the dump. I have a feeling more stuff will go to the dump that I anticipate 🙂

  22. I’m not going to lie, a nicely furnished and staged home feels a lot more tempting than an empty one. The owners thought their house was worth it enough to put in the efforts which means they probably took care of other issues too.

    We found our furniture in the trash (and fixed it up!) or on Craigslist. Half the living room (which we have gotten a lot of compliments on) cost…*quick math* $1000? The entire living room (including the stuff we found) is probably $1800. Is that that’s good? $1,800 sounds like a lot for a living room…that’s our monthly mortgage!
    Lily He-Prudhomme recently posted…Second Month of Blogging Stats & Summary {Lily Got Rockstar’d}My Profile

    • Thanks for sharing Lily!!! I definitely agree that staging a home is key. Houses that are empty definitely don’t sell as well. I’ll have to research it but that might make a good article 🙂 Thanks for the idea!!!

  23. I don’t think you need a lot of new furniture to stage, but yes maybe a little bit. Also, I’ve learned the hard way that furniture is not something to skimp on, especially if it’s a couch, mattress, chairs or items you will use regularly. Yes side tables and accent pieces you don’t need to buy the best of the best in my opinion.
    SMM recently posted…Rich & Famous People with Smart & Dumb Money HabitsMy Profile

    • Thanks for sharing SMM!!! I am definitely of the opinion to pay for quality mattresses and couches that you sit on every day. Otherwise I’m okay with going with lesser options 🙂

  24. I’ve acquired a lot of furniture over the years, but if I look at my current situation, it’s definitely a mixed bag. The bedroom contains a really nice wood bedroom set that is actually about 40 years old. My wife acquired it used about 20 years ago and it’s held up well. The mattress set is a year old and was purchased new of course. The dining room set was originally my wife’s grandparents’ set. It has some damaged spots due to its age, but overall it too has held up. The living room is another story. When we moved in, our old sofas had deteriorated and our ready-to-assemble entertainment center was falling apart. We went to a well-known furniture chain during their big sale days, and negotiated an extra discount based on buying the entertainment center, sofas and a chair, coffee table and end tables, and a mattress set (the previous one). I still didn’t spend anywhere remotely close to $10,000 on the room, even if you include the window treatments, rug, and other furnishings.
    Gary @ Super Saving Tips recently posted…Why Senior Citizens Want to Stay in the WorkplaceMy Profile

    • Thanks for sharing Gary!!! Sounds like you got an excellent deal on the furniture. Definitely sounds like the $10k is way out of the ballpark and something I shouldn’t even consider 🙂

  25. When I moved in my first apartment, it was Ikea and gifts all the way. way less than 1K.
    When we moved in our house together, we only bought a nice new bed. Still love the quality, now 11 years later.
    The big expense was a redesign of our living room. All in, it is about 15K for furniture and some rework of the walls. A lot of money, and worth all of it. IT now feels more like home and brings calmness to us.

    We now debate on how much to spend on the rooms for the girls. i go minimal, my wife goes the custom build route… let’s see where we end up
    Amber tree recently posted…Crowdfunding adventuresMy Profile

    • Thanks for sharing Amber tree!!! I definitely am not interested in spending a ton of money on my kiddos rooms. Especially if they can’t remember it. So maybe when they’re older I’d consider it 🙂

  26. We bought new couches and mattresses over the last decade or so, otherwise, it’s either second hand or we make it ourselves. In the last few years, Alan (my husband) has gotten pretty good at building some pieces (like headboards, beds and tables). He builds them and I finish them. This way we get what we want at a fraction of the price (and build our skill set).
    Amanda @ recently posted…Teens and Money: Should they have a limit?My Profile

    • Thanks for sharing Amanda!!! I definitely would love to add that skill set. Maybe I can convince my wife that we should try building something. We’ll see what she says 🙂

  27. The apartment I had during University was entirely furnished with the cast-offs of my parent’s house. The couches, coffee table, side table, dinner table, dish washer, fridge, microwave, stove, and bed frame were all hand-me-downs. It’s always nice to get new stuff, but I prefer to wait until there’s a reason for it 🙂
    Ms. Raggedly recently posted…My Motorcycle: A Raggedly, Frivolous BuyMy Profile

    • Thanks for sharing Ms. Raggedly!!! I was the same way with 2nd hand furniture that my parents no longer wanted. They also said once it left that they didn’t want it to come back 🙂

  28. Furniture price can be crazy expensive. When we first bought our house we actually negotiated to have some of the couches and bar stools included in the purchase. We used that couch for 4 years and still have it down in our basement. We also took hand me down furniture from our parents and friends the first few years until we had some money saved up to replace the old stuff. When we went to get a new couch we didn’t focus on price first, instead we listed out what we wanted to get of out the couch. It included things like, comfort, stain resistant or something that was easy to clean, and something that came with a warranty if it was ripped or stained. Once we had our list we looked around at different stores to see if there were sectionals that met the requirements and the color scheme we wanted. We ended up finding one on Labor Day for 30% off, while still fairly expensive, it met all the requirements on our list and came with the best warranty. We purchased it that day and love it in the new living room 🙂
    Courtney @ Your Average Dough recently posted…Your Basic Guide to RetirementMy Profile

    • Thanks for sharing Courtney!!! Sounds like you put a great list together and narrowed it down from there. Sounds like you got a great deal and sounds like it’s awesome. Definitely something to consider in the future 🙂

  29. We slowly furnished our place as well; it probably took a good 4 years to get everything in place. We don’t use craigslist though because I’m a bit of a germaphobe when it comes to other people’s pre-owned stuff. Especially things like a mattress or couch where people have slept in and done who knows what. And what kinds of animals they may have had over the years, urine, poop, etc within the material. So yeah. We buy new, but we don’t go crazy with it. We get mid-range priced pieces. Stuff that’s not too bourgeois, but won’ wear out within a year. And regarding staging, I think it’s important. But I wouldn’t buy all new furniture just to stage your old home. That sounds like a pain, even from strictly a moving standpoint.

    • Thanks for sharing Tim!!! Great points and while I didn’t think about couches I have definitely thought of the nastiness of a used mattress. No thank you!!!

  30. When I consider how old some of the things in my house are, it’s rather embarassing… But on the flip side of that, my husband and I will spend the money to get really high quality pieces-like our natuzzi leather furniture and solid wood dining and entertainment center.
    John recently posted…DEWALT DW618B3 Wood Router ReviewMy Profile

  31. Our furniture is mostly hand-me-downs from family and Craigslist. My “crown-jewel” is a $2k leather sofa from La-Z-Boy when I was single and had money to burn. I also paid them $75 to deliver it directly to my door.

    If we buy a new piece, I will go to a local store and buy any brand made in America. You can find some low-cost pieces that are quality built and not a name brand like La-Z-Boy or Bassett.

    We haven’t looked for furniture lately on Craigslist and still use the site regularly to buy & sell. Our biggest gripe lately is that an increasing number of people are expecting closer to “rummage sale prices” instead of the slightly higher price points that we used to get on nearly any item.
    Josh @MoneyBuffalo recently posted…Are You An Extreme Saver When You Shop?My Profile

    • Thanks for sharing Josh!!! We went into a furniture store the other day just to see styles. It was somewhat low end but I was surprised at the prices. Not as good as Craigslist but still pretty decent.

  32. It has been a few years since we bought furniture. When we were shopping for our living room I wanted to go cheap and my wife did not. We ended up buying from Raymour and Flanagan. They were expensive, but everything is made out of oak. We have the couch and chair about 8 years and they look new. The coffee table feels like it weighs 200 lbs. I think we paid about $4k for a couch, chair, coffee table, 2 end tables, and a chaise.
    Dave recently posted…Knoebels Amusement ResortMy Profile

    • Wow sounds like you bought some really quality furniture that has lasted a long time and will stay nice for the foreseeable future. Thanks for sharing!!!

  33. IRONY: we are having the same debate right now as we consider potentially putting our house on the market. Not sure what we’re going to do, but the furniture cost will definitely be under $2k if we buy. We’d rather not, but the 20-year old stuff we currently have is looking pretty bad…..

    • Thanks for sharing Laurie!!! Our furniture isn’t too far behind with it being at least 15 years old. I definitely think we will need to stage the house before we sell in order to maximize resale.

  34. I agree with everyone about staging a home with rented furniture.

    I am a huge fan of purchasing items on a store’s 0% financing program. I did this with Raymour & Flanigan in 2013 and 0% financed until 2017. But only after I had a home under contract (post appraisal).

    Who wouldn’t love 0% financing???
    Church recently posted…Death & Finances: Managing Both Duty and EmotionMy Profile

  35. I still remember the day my then boyfriend took me to see the house he’d bought for us while I was overseas. It was a 1950 cottage in original condition. His parents had put up some old curtains from the 70s, the couches were torn hand me downs from my mom’s, a neighbour had lent him a 60s table and the rest of the furniture consisted of cardboard boxes. I was studying architecture at the time and needless to say this wasn’t my idea of style – I wasn’t impressed!

    We slowly upgraded the furniture when we saw something inexpensive that we liked. I agree with your point about not buying until you’re in the new property, because you just never know what will work and the last thing you want is to be shopping for houses thinking “well the new couch we just bought won’t fit in this lounge so this house is out”. Best of luck with the discussion.
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    • Thanks for stopping by Eliza!!! That is a great story. I can’t imagine returning from overseas to see my wife buy a new house. That would definitely be a shocker for sure. Sounds like you handled it well 🙂

  36. Furniture is definitely highly marked up. I’m still beating myself up for not negotiating harder (yes you can and should do this) when we bought our furniture about 8 years ago. Some people argue that the really expensive furniture they buy lasts longer and is better quality. That may be true, I’m not sure. My furniture was from a more discount place and it has lasted 8 years and going. Even some of my Ikea stuff are fine.

    • Thanks for sharing Andrew!!! We were in a situation where my sister in law needed new furniture and couldn’t move it herself. So we went to a store and helped negotiate for her. We saved a ton of money which is something that I really didn’t know how much lee way there really is 🙂

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