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I read a lot of finance blogs.  Like a ton.  In fact, my twitter feed is chock full of finance bloggers that I follow.  My friends ask me all the time, “How did you learn so much about personal finance?”  My answer is always the same.  I am a huge nerd and can’t read enough about it.  Just when I think I mastered the subject, I learn something new, and I think, “D’oh, I should have known that”.


With that said, my three favorite finance bloggers that give me “d’oh” moments on a daily basis are Eddy Elfenbein, J.D. Roth, and Sam Dogen.  Each blogger brings something different to the finance table, and I garner new information from them regularly.


If you’re not familiar with them, let me introduce each one of them to you.  


Eddy Elfenbein

He is a DC-based finance blogger, or at least that’s what his Twitter profile says.  CNBC and other news stations constantly interview him, which doesn’t surprise me.  He does an outstanding job of explaining the ups and downs of the market via his website Crossing Wall Street and on television.  I have been following his website and Twitter account for at least three years now and am always amazed by his insights.  


Finance BloggerEddy also has a wry humor, so be prepared to laugh out loud at least once a day from one of his twitter
jokes.  He normally updates his website daily, but the thing I look forward to the most is his weekly newsletter.  This is basically a recap of the week on Wall Street, along with an in-depth look at earning reports from his Buy List.  It is always loaded with information that helps decipher some of the Wall Street speak.


One of the most interesting things that Eddy does is make stock picks at the beginning of the year.  He creates a yearly Buy List of 20 stocks that he thinks are either overlooked by Wall Street and are a value, or stocks that he thinks will continue to beat the market.  Eddy has beaten the market eight out of the last nine years, which is incredible.  This year, I actually took his advice and bought 18 of the 20 companies that he recommended.  Sorry Eddy, I really can’t stand Bed Bath and Beyond or Ford, so I removed those two stocks for Chevron and Rollins.  So now that I am invested with Eddy’s picks, his weekly newsletter is that much more applicable to me as I follow along.


J.D. Roth

In my opinion, he is the original finance blogger.  He created a website called GetRichSlowly, and I read every single one of his posts.  This is where my “formal” personal finance education began.  He began with the basics of personal finance, like getting out of debt, and worked his way up on to more complex topics.  Whenever my friends would ask me where to begin with their personal finances, I would send them to J.D.’s blog.


Finance BloggerThe thing that I admire about J.D. is that he was working in a job that he was underwhelmed by, but he persevered until he was able to become a full-time writer.  His passion and content proved that he truly loved to write.  However, shortly after I started to follow his blog, he sold the website.  While he continued to write, he eventually moved on.  Recently though, he has started up another website called MoneyBoss.  If GetRichSlowly laid the foundation for your personal finance level, MoneyBoss is the icing on the cake with more goal-oriented posts and challenging readers to become their own money bosses.  


Sam Dogen

The Financial Samurai is a blogger living in San Francisco via New York, who is from the DC area.  Can you tell that I have a soft spot for DC-related finance people?  He is well-known for how he engineered his layoff from his Corporate job in 2012.  He even has a book called How to Engineer your Layoff.


I have a confession to make before I go any further.  Sam is actually the person that inspired me to start writing.  He writes frequently about generating income from multiple streams.  He even has a page dedicated to how to create your own website.  While reading his blog for two years on a thrice weekly basis, I decided that I wanted to share my knowledge like him.  I have a huge passion for personal finance.  At times, I feel like I have a singular focus when it comes to the topic.  While I have self-doubt over writing and sharing my heart, hopefully my passion for personal finance will keep you reading and inspire you.


Finance BloggerNow back to Sam.  Sam is great.  Often times, I think he is way out of my league when he talks about private equity deals, buying Hawaiian properties with his parents, or even going to the French Open in style.  However every time he posts, his articles draw me in and always make me think.  


Initially, I thought I was doing everything right when it came to personal finance.  But, after reading Financial Samurai, I knew I could improve in certain areas.  Sam is also a huge proponent of using real estate as a wealth builder.  He does a very nice job of outlining the pros and cons in many of his articles about this philosophy.


Do you have any favorite finance bloggers?  What or who inspires you?  Feel free to share below.

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  1. I could be super cheesy and say that you are although I must admit I’ve only started reading 😉 haha..

    I really enjoy Dom @ Gen Y Finance Guy, or Dave Carlson over @ YAM and Michelle at Making Sense of Cents is also good.. To throw an Aussie one in there Tristan over at Dividends Down under is great too

    As you can see I’m a bit of a “nerd” too 🙂 haha

    Cheers MSM!

  2. Never know that website before huhu 🙁 … I must try to read all of them, maybe they will become my inspiration. Right? 🙂 Thanks for this useful post sir

  3. JD Roth is a legend! I’ve been reading him since like 2009 and can honestly say he directly has helped me save hundreds of thousands of dollars that I wouldn’t have without his advice. He easily makes my top 10 list of writers who have had the most influence on my life. I met him at FinCon 2 years ago and totally flipped out. YOU are totally a nerd Mustard Seed Money – on every single blog I read you have already commented! Do you do this full time? If not, you read a ton of blogs and have an awesome blog yourself! Always look forward to reading your posts.
    Millennial Money recently posted…My Wife Has Student Loans?My Profile

    • Wow that’s awesome that you met JD. I would LOVE to meet him. He seems like such a genuine guy. I am definitely jealous.

      I wish I could do this full-time. It unfortunately doesn’t generate any revenue.

      So I have a day job but my “fun” time is reading other blogs and commenting.

      Thanks for stopping by and I’m glad that you enjoy.

  4. Thanks for sharing these three bloggers and they definitely seem like good role models. I don’t have any finance bloggers that I follow preciously, until about a year ago. I now follow about five. I think that I follow finance bloggers for the same reason as you do – to learn more wealth building strategies. There’s so much to learn and new ideas are popping up every day.
    Leo T. Ly @ isaved5k recently posted…Part 2: How To Improve Your Financial HealthMy Profile

    • You are absolutely right. There are so many good reads out there and I feel like I am constantly learning new material. It’s amazing how little I know when I thought I knew it all.

      Hope you enjoy the reads!!!

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