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Guest Posts

Mustard Seed Money accepts guest posts that offer great content to the readers.  Here are the requirements for guest posts:

  • Topics.  I am open to any finance-related topics or ideas.  There is some flexibility though.  I ask that you first submit your ideas to me via email before you submit your draft.
  • Length.  I typically look for posts that contain between 800 to 1500 words.  This requirement is not as strict, so don’t fret if you are much above or below that range.  Still submit your work, and we will figure it out from there.  
  • Bio.  Please submit a brief bio of yourself as well.  2-3 sentences is sufficient.  I am happy to provide a sample if needed.


Advertisement and Sponsored Posts

For advertising inquiries on Mustard Seed Money, please send an e-mail with your rate offer, specific advertisement, and duration of advertisement.  Should you wish to have your own posts published in my blog, please be advised that they will be subjected to my reviews before I publish them.


Media Inquiries

For media inquiries regarding interviews over digital, print, radio, or TV, please e-mail with your proposal.  I’m based in the Washington, DC area if you’d like to meet in person.


Other Matters

Please feel free to share your thoughts, comments, and suggestions on any of my blog posts.  I try my best to respond in a timely manner.  Thank you again for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy your time here.