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buyer's remorseMy wife and I just finished up an amazing, restful vacation down at the Outer Banks, NC (OBX for short).  Since our 19-month-old doesn’t last very long in the car, we selected OBX as our destination this year.  The 4.5 hour drive ended up going smoothly aside from the last 30 minutes when little MSM had had enough.  We were at least grateful for the 2+ hour nap he took in the car.  Win!


As most of you know, I am a huge fan of recharging my battery from all the drainage that occurs between work and everyday life.  I believe there are some major benefits of taking a vacation.



buyer's remorseWith that said, my wife and I really love OBX.  We have been trying out different beaches on that coast over the years.  So far, we have stayed in Corolla and Kill Devil Hills (what a name, right?) and have visited some other areas as well.  Corolla had a beautiful beach but was a bit isolated.


This go-around, we sought to stay closer to more of the action, so that is how we decided on KDH.  They have a much greater variety of restaurants and shops and even the Wright Brothers Museum, which we didn’t visit this time.  


To save on money and avoid the crowds, we try to vacation slightly before or after peak season.  The weather is still pretty nice, yet the prices can be 75% off of the mid-summer prices.  That is nuts to me, but of course it makes sense.  I have a hard time imagining paying four times the price I am for the beach rental that I’m currently in, but hey, people do it.


Thinking of Ways to Spend $$$

buyer's remorseInevitably on vacation, when I have too much time on my hands, my mind starts to wonder about various money making schemes like buying a beach rental property, or worse, figuring out how to spend money needlessly.  


Since I have been advised NOT to buy a home with a pool, I have set my eyes on something else.


buyer's remorseA hot tub.


One of the requirements when I was looking for a place to rent for the week was a private pool and hot tub.  I figure if I’m not going to own a pool for myself, that I’d get as much use out of one at our rental.


One Dream Crushed

buyer's remorseHaving the private pool for the week was a bit of a wake-up call for me though.  Thankfully nothing bad happened, but watching my son run around the pool deck area was terrifying.  The thought of him slipping into the water was enough to totally deter me from wanting a private pool, especially if kiddos were in the picture.  Needless to say, I concede.  Getting a pool is dead.


Another Dream is Born

buyer's remorseThe hot tub, on the other hand, has been a great amenity.  Since the barrier of entry is higher, there is no fear of my son falling in, and I am able to lower the temperature for him to safely join me.  Everyday that we were down at the beach, I soaked in the hot tub.  The best part was that the hot tub was under the deck, so even when it rained, it didn’t pour on me.  I would sit in there multiple times per day, just reading and relaxing or playing with my son.  It was bliss.


I have to admit, after that first day, I casually started to look up hot tubs online.  By the third day, I was convinced that I needed a hot tub for myself.  I began to arm myself with facts to convince my wife that this was a worthy investment.



  • The jets nozzles would release warm water, massaging my body, which in turn would help relax tight muscles and relieve stress.


  • I would age slower because stress and anxiety are the leading causes of premature aging.


  • The temperature in the hot tub would raise the body’s temperature, which causes blood vessels to dilate, which increases circulation and blood flow.


  • The increase in blood circulation would allow for a reduction in joint inflammation.


  • A warm body is able to fall asleep quicker, which would allow for improved sleep.


Buyer’s Remorse

My wife thought these were all great benefits.  But she is more of the saver in our relationship.  She was concerned I would buy the hot tub and not use it after a bit of time.  And as a result, she thought I might have buyer’s remorse.


buyer's remorseThe more and more I think about it though, she brings up a good point.  I have made some really stupid purchases over the years.  Of course, at the time, I needed those items.  Back when I was living with housemates, I bought a pool table that we barely use now.  Just a couple years ago, I bought a plasma TV for the basement to complete my man cave, which has transformed into a play area.  The pool table is also conveniently located amidst all the baby toys as well.  Notice a trend here?!


I remember that initially, I was ecstatic about both purchases.  But after a bit of time has passed, I look back with some regret.  


The biggest positives on both of these purchases were the great deals I got on them.  I probably spent less than $2,000 total on both of these purchases combined.  On top of that, they weren’t impulse purchases.  I spent years researching brands, trying to determine the best deal before I pulled the trigger.


A Normal Feeling

buyer's remorseIt appears that I’m not the only person that feels buyer’s remorse from time to time.  According to a survey done by Credit Donkey, 55% of people feel buyer’s remorse sometimes or often.   


Even scarier, according to Redfin, 25% of Americans have buyer’s remorse when it comes to their homes.  Those surveyed with buyer’s remorse indicated that if they had to do it all over again, they would not have purchased the home that they did.  That is not a comforting thought as my wife and I search for our next home!


So how do you deal with buyer’s remorse?


When the Price Drops Afterwards

buyer's remorseSometimes you might experience buyer’s remorse because an item goes on sale after you purchase it.  If you have bought it with a credit card, most credit card companies offer protections in these cases and can refund you the difference.  This is a great credit card feature and one that I can attest that I’ve used.  


Big-Ticket Items

leasing a car buyer's remorseIf it’s a major purchase like a car or house that you’re regretting, stop looking and start appreciating what you have.   Doing some self-talk will really help.  Tell yourself that you made the best decision you could with the information that you had at the time.  There’s no point in beating yourself up after the fact, and it’s time to move on and enjoy the item.  There has to be at least one or two redeeming aspects you can focus in on.


Impulsive Buys

buyer's remorseIf you are an impulse buyer, and that was part of the reason you feel buyer’s remorse, I’d suggest finding an accountability partner.  It could be a spouse if you are married, or a close friend, as long as it is someone whose counsel you would listen to.  Preferably, select an individual who is more of a saver than you, who will ask you those thought-provoking questions before you execute on a big purchase.


Buying Stocks

best day to invest buyer's remorseIn many ways, I think buyer’s remorse is a frequent occurrence when investing in the stock market.  Think about it– you buy a stock, and then all of a sudden it drops.  It’s my infamous Chipotle stock situation.  But don’t worry about it.  Everybody makes mistakes.  Here’s to hoping that stock goes back up!


Unused Items

buyer's remorseFinally, if it’s an item that you’re just not using, remember it’s a sunk cost at this point.  So you can either keep it and try to use it more, or sell it to try to recoup your costs.  At least by selling it, you won’t be reminded of an expensive mistake on a daily basis.  


So readers, have you ever had buyer’s remorse?  What did you buy and how have you prevented buyer’s remorse for the future?  Share your thoughts below.

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    • Thanks for stopping by Lily!!!

      My wife is currently fascinated by Redfin and their agents. If you don’t mind sharing, what made the experience so bad?

      • Hehe I always stop by 😀 I enjoy your posts immensely and they post around midnight which is perfect because my bedtime is 2AM. Hahaha.

        Can I tag Ms. FAF so she can see my reply? Does WP not do that?

        I have a lot of issue with RedFin but the big one is…they’re not very hands on. The agents (the ones I worked with) are very superficial. They’re here to tour you and get it over with. I rarely saw the main agent I was working with for more than 2-3 tours. She was sloppy on the paperwork and it cost us some money in the end. RedFin throws a different touring agent everytime so there’s this stranger every time that showed up to basically open the door for you. There’s a lot more I can rant about..

        Working with them is just like having one of your regular friends to go house shopping and they make comments like “oh that granite is pretty.” Totally superficial and you end up doing a lot of the research yourself…for the money you saved…it’s basically like you’re in it alone…on this huge $$ purchase, you’re in it ALONE. And I wasn’t even a first time home buyer! Our home inspector was from RedFin too; superficial and not exactly highly trained. The whole time you know you’re going cheap and you feel it. It wasn’t even that cheap. On such a big purchase, never go cheap.
        Lily recently posted…How I Paid Off $20,000 In Student Loans Working Part-Time (Full Version)My Profile

        • Wow thanks for the awesome analysis Lily!!! I’ve never had any experience with Redfin but I have to admit that I was super intrigued but I will clearly need to rethink that options. Thanks for sharing your firsthand experience.

  1. Oh dear, a small child running around a pool sounds awfully scary! Good thing you managed to think fast and avoid trouble.

    Speaking of buyer’s remorse, I’ve had it dozens of times! But thankfully, never because of expensive items.

    The way I deal with it is by telling myself money comes an goes and surely others have made so much worse decisions than I did!

    In the end, if your savings and finances in general don’t suffer a huge loss, it’s easier to deal with buyer’s remorse.
    Adriana @MoneyJourney recently posted…Equity crowdfunding investing risks and opportunitiesMy Profile

    • Thanks for sharing Adriana!!! I definitely agree if you don’t focus on the money side and say everyone makes mistakes it’s much easier to let buyer’s remorse go 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by Daniel!!! Little MSM loves the pool so it’s a good thing it was gated otherwise he would have tried to jump in without us 🙂

  2. I typically over-research every purchase, so I don’t have too many purchase regrets. In the past, I was an avid woodworker and can recall a few tool purchases I really didn’t fully utilize. I’m sure I could have rented or borrowed some specialty tools.

    As I kid, I remember my dad bought an electric piano from Jordan Kitts music store. None of us played the piano! Not even a single lesson. Not sure what inspired dad to do that, but I imagine that was a bit of buyers remorse.
    Mr. Need2Save recently posted…Building Our Roth IRA Conversion LadderMy Profile

    • Oh man that really stinks that your dad bought the piano and none of you ended up learning how to play.

      I got an electric keyboard one Christmas and I never learned how to play either. Definitely not one of my wiser presents from Santa.

  3. First off, I am right there with you on the hot tub! I have almsot the same list I have given to my wife many times trying to justify having a hot tub. 5 years later I still don’t have one, but never give up hope lol!

    As for buyer remorse, I would honestly say probably the house we bought currently is somewhat in that category! We Love the house and can afford it but looking back we bought way too big of a house for what we needed! But it was the only house really on the market in our price range at the time that did not need loads of work! As we had just flipped out last house.

    • Thanks for sharing The Giving Budget!!!

      That’s really interesting that you think you bought too much house. What aspect do you feel like is too big for you?

  4. I’m with you on the pool! That’s one reason why I would NOT consider buying a house with a pool until my kids are all grown. Even then I will have grandchildren, so probably no pool ever.

    We had buyer’s remorse even before we closed on your house. But we just went ahead with it and are now very happy with the house.

    Hope you will figure out a solution for the hot tub soon!

    • Thanks for stopping Ms. Frugal Asian Finance!!! Glad to hear that you have grown in live with your home. That would definitely stink if you still had a buyer’s remorse 🙂

  5. We had a pool AND a hot tub two houses ago. I’ll never own another house with a pool – it’s a costly hassle to manage… and not used nearly as much as I’d expected. The hot tub though… LOVED it. Even so, I don’t have one now because they’re also expensive. Maybe some day I’ll own one again though.

    Glad you had a good trip to NC! I’ve gone there a lot for fishing – both surf fishing and off-shore charters.
    Financial Coach Brad recently posted…Cost of living: How it impacts your financial goalsMy Profile

    • Thanks for sharing Brad!!! Glad to hear that you would still consider having a hot tub even though they’re expensive. Seems like that might be the better play 🙂

      BTW…this is only the 2nd time my wife and I have been to OBX together but it is amazing. We love it 🙂

  6. From time to time, I would buy things impulsively with the intention that I will make good use of it. A couple of years ago, I bought an expensive blender for $200 and only used it a couple of times. My wife was questioning my purchase at the time because we already had another blender that was in working condition. Suffice to say, I was being reminded of that mistake whenever I wanted to make an impulse purchase.

    A couple of weeks ago, my friend told me that he needed a blender so I gave it to him as a gift. Didn’t recover any money but it’s better to give it to someone who will use it rather than having it collect dust in th cupboard.

    When I am purchasing anything nowadays, I always ask myself a question, “do I want this, or do I need this?” I talk myself out of impulse buying things I want half of the time now.
    Leo T. Ly @ recently posted…26 Must Have Blogging SkillsMy Profile

    • Thanks for stopping by Leo!!! I definitely need to pause more before I purchase items. Even when I wait 24 hours or longer I still have a tendency to doubt if it was truly a good purchase. Atleast it wasn’t an impulse purchase 🙂

  7. Good point about the little one running around the pool. We were fearful of that too. Now that the youngest is 6, and their all excellent swimmers it’s much nicer to let them run around in the backyard and pool area. Don’t forget having a quality fence as a pool expense.
    My relatives have a hot tub up in Idaho. It’s been great for them, especially on the cool evenings but they had to replace it about five years in because of the freezing and extreme temperature changes.
    High Income Parents recently posted…Develop Strategies to Prioritize Your FinancesMy Profile

    • Thanks for sharing Tom!!! I have thoroughly enjoyed using the hot tub on vacation and am greatly missing it at this point. It’s fun to think about at this point but it does seem expensive.

  8. I think what you talk about in your post regarding testing out the pool is the perfect way to avoid buyer’s remorse. Over the years I’ve gotten in the habit of making myself wait before buying more things (other than groceries). In the end I don’t end up buying most of the things I thought I wanted.

    As an example, back when we first bought our house I became a little obsessed with the idea of buying a certain kind of table and chair set for our lower sunroom. I loved the idea of eating breakfast while watching the sun rise. I was lucky that I never found the right sized table to fit that narrow room because we would have just ended up dumping everything on it (since this room also serves as our back entry way). I essentially loved an idea rather than appreciated the reality of how we use that space.

    And this disconnect between an idea and our reality often creates buyers remorse. Giving ourselves time to really think about a potential purchase (or in your case, to test it out before buying it), the easier it is to make better purchasing decisions. In fact, now that I delay gratification by waiting to purchase most things I can’t think of a recent example of something I regret.

    • Thanks for sharing!!! I definitely think it’s better to wait instead of making impulse buys. I have a tendency to get excited about something but my wife does a great job of reining me back in 🙂 She’s definitely my better half for a reason 🙂

  9. I do but don’t too. I was regretting buy my wife’s car new but got over the fact. What’s done is done.
    I bought a brand new bike 2 years ago and had buyers remorse since I never got to ride it and was just sitting in our attic. This year I got it out since my son was finally old enough to sit in the kid trailer attachment.

    Most of the time I can avoid buyer’s remorse by researching the purchase and waiting to buy it. And if I do get it, I’d rather get rid of the item and take a loss than keep it and keep seeing the regret.
    Budget on a Stick recently posted…I got a pay raise and had a plan for it months before I got it…in a good wayMy Profile

    • Thanks for sharing Budget on a Stick!!! My wife was reminding me about another gift that I received that I barely use. Always kicking sand in my eye when I’m down 🙂

      Guess I should probably get rid of it so I don’t have that constant reminder!!!

  10. The excitement for a new purchase is certainly overwhelming at times – I always try to use a cooling-off period (length tied to size of purchase) where I may have even granted myself budget approval for something, but I still wait to make it more pragmatic and less emotional. Lots of time the excitement fades and I avoid the spend.

    I think you should also find the next best alternative and see how it compares. Hate to be a foil for your hot tub purchase, but many of the benefits you cite could be gained from a hot bath 🙂 Add in some meditation / yoga stuff for stress, and you can avoid the purchase altogether!
    Paul recently posted…Thank You for Spoiling Your ChildMy Profile

    • Hahhaa…my wife and I were talking about that on our after dinner walk. She said wouldn’t it be cheaper to take a bath and get a machine to make bubbles. Looks like I might need to check out my options 🙂

  11. I tend to have buyer’s remorse about *most* things I buy, actually. I always regret that I don’t have the knowledge/ability to fix something myself instead of buying yet another gadget. But this feeling does keep me from buying a lot of stuff, which is good for our budget. 😉

    Mr. Picky Pincher, on the other hand, is our household spender. He would be the one to buy the hot tub and I’d have to be the one to reel him in. 😉 It’s easy to focus on how ~magical~ your life will be after buying something, but in reality it’s just a money drain and clutters your house.
    Mrs. Picky Pincher recently posted…Should I Eat That?My Profile

  12. We plan on getting a hot tub in the future. Our back deck is about 15 years old. I expect in about ten years well have to replace that deck. I plan on getting a hot tub when that occurs because I first need to build up our deck to support a tub. So I guess the first thing is to ensure you have a good place for a tub.

    I never considered a pool as they cost too much. Still we’ve rented homes with such things and had the kid fears. We’ve been focusing on teaching our oldest to swim as a result, as while I don’t want to own a pool we expect we will continue to rent places with a pool because our kids love the water.

    Recently we’ve had sellers remorse from selling my companies stock one day before it’s value spiked. It requires me to remind myself of why I made the choice.
    FullTimeFinance recently posted…Declining Bond Price Impact at Maturity Versus Sold TodayMy Profile

    • Thanks for sharing Full Time Finance!!! My Dad had some stock in a couple that he held on to too long. It lost 80% of it’s value and required him to work longer than he anticipated. So I have a tendency to look at the upside when it comes to stocks and selling a bit early 🙂

  13. Buyers remorse is pretty common, I may be going through it now. Not because I am upset with the large purchase we just made, just the reality of the situation and the cash flow impact is finally starting to settle in. A hot tub would definitely would be nice, but for me personally, it falls into a different category and isn’t a necessity. Nowadays, I”m trying extra hard to trim the fat. But you know what, it sure as heck would be nice to sit in front of the jets every once and a while!

    Dividend Diplomats recently posted…The Importance of Long-Term Low Cost InvestingMy Profile

    • Hahhaa…I think my back and feet are going through withdraw and are missing those jets!!!

      I totally get wanting to trim the fat and get back to the basics with your finances.

      I probably need to start pairing down things than acquiring more 🙂

  14. I probably should have more buyer’s remorse. I have purchased things I like and still have but rarely use. At the time, I thought it was a good idea. I had went to Copenhagen, Demark 20 years ago. Instead of buying T-shirts and back-scratchers I purchased a service for 12 of Royal Copenhagen china. I have only use it on special occasions. These dishes sit a china cabinet in my dining room. When I purchased it, I was very happy about my purchase. I am happy now. I have had formal dinners with my family when my children were young. As adults, they know how to set a table and have table etiquette. I also have a set of everyday china when we eat together. I realize that I am “Old School” and that is not important to most people. I have been to friend’s homes and they eat on paper plates. As Mrs. Picky Pincher stated “ It’s easy to focus on how ~magical~ your life will be after buying something. “I have enjoyed the magic. I have never went into long term debt except to buy a house or car. I guess some of it stems from having the ability to purchase items I have always wanted as a child or adult.

    • Thanks for sharing Happy1. Sounds like you made an incredible purchase years ago that has lasted all these years and has been something that you have enjoyed for a long time. That’s awesome to hear 🙂

  15. This is what I love about Amazon. That List of Orders gives me an opportunity to take a look at my buying habits and cringe or celebrate over my purchases. Knowing I’ll be faced with my purchase for years to come is a little sobering and can sometime take the edge off of “must have it.”
    Jack Catchem recently posted…5 Reasons to Resign From A Police DepartmentMy Profile

  16. I bought a juicer almost a year ago and I’ve used it maybe 2 or 3 times. It just seemed like such a good idea at the time. Instead I use my $20 blender to make smoothies…

  17. We had an above ground pool for years, which I eventually took down. Over the years my kids used it less and less. It was too costly to upkeep when no one was using it. Hot tub sounds like a great compromise.

    I try to avoid impulse buys which have helped cut down on buyers remorse. Using a 24-hour rule, and waiting to make a purchase, helps make better decision overall too. The last item that got me was a drone I bought at a flea market. I was dazzled by the guy demoing it. Needless to say, I could not duplicate his efforts when I got it home, and it’s been collecting dust, but I’m sure I can resell it.

    • Thanks for sharing Brian!!! I keep hearing that people use their pool less and less over the years.

      As much as I think I’d use my pool everyday I know I’d probably be in the same boat.

  18. I went to Salvo OBX a couple years ago with in-laws. It was a huge house with a pool but kind of isolated from the main OBX area as well. In terms of buyers remorse, I’ll try to re purpose the item, sell donate. But now I really think it over before I buy and that’s part of the reason.
    SMM recently posted…How Often Should I Review My Finances?My Profile

    • Thanks for stopping by SMM!!! My wife and I were in Kill Devil Hills this go around. I haven’t been to Salvo but it does seem a lot more isolated.

  19. Ah cognitive dissonance. It gets everyone I’m sure.I always make purchases on a need vs want basis. I try to only buy the needs so it trims down on extra spending. I also do lots of research first before a major purchase to help decrease buyers remorse after purchase. Sometimes having too many choices instead of too few can actually cause this phenomenon as well, something I found interesting. People find themselves needing reassurance they made a quality purchase to get over the buyers remorse.
    Dividend Daze recently posted…Equity Crowdfunding – A New Source of Passive Income?My Profile

    • Thanks for sharing Dividend Daze!!! I’ve read that the fewer choices we have that often times people have less buyer’s remorse. Crazy how that actually works 🙂

  20. Everybody will have it from time to time. I got on a crossfit kick a few years ago and bought some rings and a box for jumps. Might have got 20 minutes of use out of them total. Now the box is a $120 table for chalk.

    In general patience and research helps me. I too love a hot tub on vacation but I’m not sure if I would love day after day year round.
    Grant @ Life Prep Couple recently posted…Bulgarian Method For Powerlifting.My Profile

    • Thanks for sharing Grant!!! I got some small exercise equipment for my house as well but I ended up deciding that I like going to the bootcamp around the corner from my house way more. Funny how we think we’re going to use things more than we do.

  21. My husband wanted a hot tub too when we were looking for our first house. He settled on a jetted tub which has some, but not all of the features of the hot tub. He listed many of the same benefits as you so I laughed a little while I was reading your post!
    Buyer’s remorse is the worst! I get it sometimes when I buy new clothes and then a few weeks later those same clothes go on sale. My husband gets it the most with stocks I think. He says he has the worst luck because as soon as he buys one the stock usually goes down. I think in the stock market it’s easier to get over buyer’s remorse because you can dollar cost average down to reduce your basis in the stock. I wish I could do something similar with the clothes haha! I completely forgot about the credit card protection you mentioned, going to check that out tonight.
    Courtney @ Your Average Dough recently posted…Can Money Buy Happiness?My Profile

    • My wife read that jetted tub comment with glee. She definitely said, why don’t you do that instead of a 2 ton hot tub.

      Definitely going to need to look into that and see how hard it would be to put in one along with that the potential cost will be 🙂

  22. We thought about getting a hot tub, but I just don’t want to pay for the yearly maintenance & upkeep. I think the enjoyment of the hot tub would get old pretty fast. My hubby’s boss has one and recently they had to pay $5,000 for repairs. Forget that. Actually it was in their hot tub that my hubby fell (wine glass in hand) and broke a rib or two. Had to bring him to the hospital the next day. We still laugh about it (but it wasn’t funny when it happened!)

    • Oh my gosh…I had no idea that they could cost $5k to repair. I have only done preliminary reviews for $5k I might consider buying a new hot tub. Looks like I might need to do some more reading.

  23. Luckily for me my buyer’s remorse tends to involve small purchases that add up and I really shouldn’t buy them. Sometimes, the Krispy Kreme light turns me into a doughnut mosquito and I can’t resist. That or throwing in an extra pack of soda at the grocery store or buying a gallon of chocolate milk. All things I really don’t need but in the past have really taken chunks out of my budget and stretched out the waistline.

    I have had hot tubs before and the only times I ever enjoyed them was in the winter. Something about it snowing around you and being in a hot tub makes it so much more relaxing. I don’t think I would own one anymore, but on a vacation at a rental house I would probably still like it.

    Great post!
    Save Splurge Deny Debt – Cameron recently posted…The Art of Living a Minimalism-ish LifestyleMy Profile

    • Thanks for stopping by Cameron!!! I definitely wonder if I would get the full use out of the hot tub and use it as much as I think. Plus the cost and maintenance. Maybe I’ll just continue to rent hot tubs on vacation 🙂

  24. 2 topics that sound all to familiar…

    I started to fully understand that I bought too many items that I don’t need 2 years ago. I had 10 Kickstarter campaigns that I was in. 4 were for a wallet. Off course, I use non of them now (one was in wood, the other in aluminium – they look cool though…). I allowed for a mental shift, I buy way less now.

    And going on holidays with our kids used to be a challenge as well. I remember one day driving out of the street and they already complained they were too long in the car. Now that they are older (5 and 7) they understand the concept journey better. We do now a 12hours trip in one day to go ski. hardly any complaints.
    Amber tree recently posted…What is FI for us?My Profile

    • Thanks for sharing Amber tree!!! Oh man those kickstarter campaigns always look so awesome. The things people create are fascinating. I have to limit my time on that website otherwise I would buy everything 🙂

  25. I don’t know if it is buyer’s remorse in my household, but I hate it when people buy things that are expensive and don’t take care of them. I love my wife to death, but she will buy stuff and either not use it or not take care of it or maintain it. I end up being the one doing it and it drives me a little batty.
    Jason recently posted…Planning Your LegacyMy Profile

  26. We used to stay in Rodanthe when we visited the OBX. Now that we live in East TN, Hilton Head Island (South Carolina) is the closest to us at 6 hours and we are planning to go next week.

    We too always think of buying a rental but realize we don’t have the capital on hand and it would take two lifetimes of rental income to pay back the mortgage and the ongoing costs (HOA fees, maintenance, taxes and insurance). It would be buyer’s remorse for sure.
    Josh @MoneyBuffalo recently posted…How We Save Money with Reverse OsmosisMy Profile

    • My family I went to Hilton Head for a couple of vacations. Those drives hurt though. It was like 8-10 hours depending on the traffic. Needless to say we found a slightly closer beach over time 🙂

      My wife and I love to talk about owning a beach house but the capital required is definitely hard to come up with at times.

  27. I love the Outer Banks! We’ve been there twice before and we’re headed down again in August…I like the seclusion of Corolla. It’s an expensive trip but we save money by traveling with another family and sharing costs. We also grill almost every night so our dining out budget is minimal. We do like Uncle Ike’s though, have you ever been there?

    • My wife and I stayed at Corolla two years ago. We absolutely loved that beach. Plus the seclusion was amazing. Felt like it was our place at the same time.

      I haven’t tried Uncle Ike’s but I’ll definitely need to try it out. Thanks for the recommendation.

  28. Sometimes I get anxiety watching fully grown adults running around a pool… and they can swim!
    Great post; I personally analyze, research, and wait at least a few days before I make a big (or small) purchase – thankfully the only impulse purchases I suffer are of the ice-cream variety, and I’m a-okay with that 😉

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